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Samsung Wave smartphones upgraded to the bada 2.0

Samsung Wave smartphones upgraded to the bada 2.0

Samsung ElectronicsCo.Ltd., a market leader and award winning innovator in consumer electronics and telecommunications, has now upgraded its various “Wave” smartphone models to feature bada 2.0.

In August 2011, Samsung released bada 2.0 SDK (Software Development Kit), an application development tool for Samsung’s mobile platform. In November 2011, the commercial availability of Samsung’s flagship 4” Wave 3 smartphone powered by bada 2.0 was announced. Continuing with the same high-paced progress, the operating systems of Samsung Wave, Wave II, Wave 575, Wave 578, Wave 723, have now been upgraded to bada 2.0.

The Main enhancements made through this upgrade include; Multi tasking (the same on Android), Rich Touchwiz UX (Easy and Customizable). Moreover, the new Livepanel offers; a Clock, Weather, Search, Calendar, News, Stocks, and Favorite-contacts, Folder creation, Application Shortcut, Quick menu, clipboard, lockscreen etc.

The upgraded Web performance offers: HTML-5 and Flash, while new features like:  ChatON service and Voice recognition have also been added. The ChatON service is a cross-platform communication service that connects all mobile users into a single community.

Samsung Pakistan’s Managing Director, Mr. Hee Chang Yee said: The additional facilities have been added to our portfolio, in response to the popularity and success of Samsung Wave smartphones and the innovative bada platform. This upgrade will help the users unleash their creative strengths and technology insight. Samsung always strives to proactively enhance our cutting edge services to meet the evolving needs of our customers and fully explore the revolutionary capabilities of our smartphones.

The availability and schedule for the update varies globally, by market and wireless carrier. Additional bada 2.0 features (Wi-Fi-Direct, NFC, etc.) are not supported on the upgraded Wave Smartphones due to the H/W requirements.

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