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Samsung TV Apps service surpasses 10 million downloads

Samsung TV Apps service surpasses 10 million downloads

Samsung Electronics has announced that Samsung Apps, the world’s first HDTV-based app store, is growing rapidly in popularity. Samsung Apps TV recently celebrated the milestone of 1,000 registered applications and crossed the 10 million downloads mark. Samsung is on its way to build a global Smart TV ecosystem.

Online video applications remained at the top of the lists of most downloaded apps. The Online Video Application

“YouTube” stayed on top in the United States, South Korea and also on a global scale. Downloads from Samsung Apps TV have grown consistently to reach more than 11 million downloads, averaging 50,000 downloads per day.

Active users of Smart TVs are growing, as Samsung continues to deliver a wider variety of high-quality TV content and services through strategic collaboration with major content providers. Consumers enjoy a wide variety of applications like; news, entertainment, sports and games. The news Apps include BBC News, WSJ Live,CNBC and TIME TV. The famous entertainment applications include; Berliner Philharmoniker (live orchestra). ESPN ScoreCenter is a popular sports coverage application. Locally specialized Apps include; Lovefilm in the UK, Telstra’s NRL Game Analyser in Australia.

Samsung Pakistan’s Managing Director, Mr. Hee Chang Yee said; “Our success has come from the quality and diversity of applications that are available across multiple content categories.

Samsung Electronics continues to hold developer application contests across the globe to create partnerships with and educate the developer community. Apps Contests were held in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Korea in 2010, and are now expanding to other countries like Brazil, Mexico, China, and Southeast Asia. Samsung’s Software Development Kit (SDK), allows developers to create TV-optimized applications more easily. The Samsung Developer Forum (SDF) encourages information exchange among developers. These activities create more earning opportunities for developers, as Samsung continues to integrate hardware and software for the consumer’s benefit.

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