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Samsung Rises to No. 8 Position in Interbrand’s ‘Best Global Brands 2013' Report

Samsung Rises to No. 8 Position in Interbrand’s ‘Best Global Brands 2013' Report

SamsungSamsung Electronics was recently ranked No. 8 in Interbrand’s ‘Best Global Brands 2013’ report, recognized for its outstanding business management, global growth in brand value through marketing initiatives, and continued market leadership thanks to the release of innovative products such as smartphones and televisions.

Rising in rank from its No. 9 position in 2012, this year Samsung recorded a brand value of $39.6 billion (approximately 42.6 trillion KRW), a 20.4% increase compared to last year’s $32.9 billion. Of the Top 100 brands included in the report, Samsung greatly exceeded the average brand’s increase rate of 8%, as well as the average technology business rate of 15%.

Samsung Electronics strengthened its No. 1 position in the mobile category by releasing the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, as well as by creating a new market with the launch of Galaxy Gear, an innovative and fashionable wearable device.

In addition, Samsung ranks No. 1 in the TV sector for the 7th consecutive year, introducing new products such as the world’s first curved UHD TV. The company is also leading the market with the continuous launch of premium household appliances.

Meanwhile, Samsung is actively engaged in omnidirectional marketing activities, reflecting the ‘Brand Ideal,’ which is to ‘provide opportunities of new life to everyone through endless innovation and discovery (Accelerating discoveries and possibilities).’

An example of this marketing initiative is ‘Launching People,’ a campaign that launched this year and focuses on discovering and sharing consumers’ stories and how they are realizing new opportunities with Samsung products. The campaign was well received around the world. In France, for instance, the campaign approximately reached 60 million people within a 5-week period, creating around 2,000 stories.

Additionally, Samsung Electronics created an internal slogan to communicate the Brand Ideal to employees.

“We newly established our brand vision last year to become a brand desired by consumers, not simply enhancing the level of brand awareness and preference,” said Sue Shim, vice president of global marketing at Samsung Electronics. “We are engaged in activities reflecting this vision in all customer touch points.”

Samsung entered the top 20 in Interbrand’s global brand list for the first time in 2009, and entered the top 10 last year in just three years time.

Samsung was also selected as No. 2 in ‘The Most Innovative Companies 2013’ report, which is released each year by global strategic consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

As part of its goal to become a Top 5 global brand by 2020, Samsung Electronics refreshed its brand vision: ‘Provide opportunities of new life to everyone through endless innovation and discovery (Accelerating discoveries and possibilities).’

The company is proactively conducting omnidirectional marketing activities that reflect the Brand Ideal across all customer touch points. These activities are rooted in the philosophy that a genuine global brand requires the establishment of a clear brand vision that is current and meets consumer demand.

Samsung Electronics developed a consumer participating program, ‘Launching People,’ to actively convey the newly established Brand Ideal to consumers and is expanding this campaign across the world.

‘Launching People’ is a campaign to discover, share and support stories where consumers realize new opportunities thanks to Samsung products.

Samsung Electronics planned this campaign based on the belief that various opportunities can be discovered and realized when new products and technology meet consumer’s potential.

In France, the campaign is gaining tremendous popularity by reaching roughly 60 million people in 5 weeks and discovering 2,000 stories. The campaign has made a significant impact on Samsung’s brand, with an increase of 10 percent point in brand attributes, such as ‘friendly,’ ‘for me,’ and ‘differentiated,’ compared to before the campaign was released.

With this great success, Samsung Electronics plans to expand the ‘Launching People’ campaign to 10 additional countries in 2013, and to 25 countries in 2014.

Samsung Electronics is actively engaged in a full-fledge internal communications campaign.

The company considers its employees as a crucial starting point to realize its Brand Ideal as their lives closely revolve around the brand. As such, the company created an internal slogan of ‘Discovery Starts Here,’ which launched in 2012 on Foundation Day (November 1st).

Additionally, an employee event kicked off in November 2012 in order to promote Samsung’s Brand Ideal to corporate offices in 70 countries across the world. A brand ambassador program was also developed to strengthen employee communication, with more than 120 global brand ambassadors assigned domestically and globally.

Finally, online and in-person trainings on Samsung’s Brand Ideal are being conducted more than 200 times annually; there are also ongoing activities to make the brand a way of life, such as customizing office space designs to reflect the new brand attributes and regional characteristics.

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