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Samsung presents 10 exciting BADA applications, gaining remarkable popularity

Samsung presents 10 exciting BADA applications, gaining remarkable popularity

Samsung Electronics Company Ltd, a global leader in electronics, digital media and convergence technologies, has announced that utility and entertainment apps available through the “Samsung Apps”, are dominating the popularity list, released recently. The “Magic Torch” application has topped the list as it is the Most-Downloaded” application in the list, from 1st of June till mid of July 2010. The “Magic Torch”, transforms Samsung Wave (S8500) into a flashlight with four different screens — standard light bulb, Ecological light bulb, Neon light bulb, and white screen.

Another utility app; “MyMirror” – turns the phone into a mirror using the camera device, this was featured at No. 7 on the list, while entertainment programs filled out the rest of the field. The top 10 apps for the Wave were: Need for SpeedTM Shift (games), Illusions (entertainment), SouthAfrica2010 (entertainment), Real Football 2010 (games), BatteryLife (productivity), Basketball (entertainment), Shot Gun (entertainment) and Exciting Free kick (games).

The General-Manager, Samsung Pakistan, Mr. Steve Han said, “The response to Samsung Apps has been tremendous in our target markets, mainly due to the popularity of utility and entertainment apps. The days of using a phone just for talking are long gone — functionality is the key now. With Samsung Apps, we aim to fill the need for functionality for all Samsung customers. New customers are also attracted through fresh and unique applications. We’re excited with what the future holds for Samsung Apps.”

The third-most downloaded program, “Illusions” offers visually stimulating puzzles and screenshots. The application named “SouthAfrica2010” gained rapid popularity during the recent football tournament and came at No. 4. The “Free-throw practice” app Basketball was ranked No. 8, while the arcade-style shooting program “Shot-Gun” stood at No. 9. The Auto-racing program “Need for SpeedTMShift” led in the games category, coming at No. 2 on the list. The football game “Exciting Freekick” was at No. 10. Productivity app Battery Life, was ranked No. 6, which calculates remaining battery power, based on factors such as Wi-Fi use, call time, music playing and use of 2G or 3G Internet connections.

The Samsung Apps was created in September 2009 to deliver a dedicated online application destination, for Samsung smart phone users. Today the size of this Applications Store has more than tripled, in most European and Asian markets — It now offers a multitude of new applications, including games, social networking, e-books and health-related tools. Samsung Apps was created and managed by Samsung’s Media Solutions Center (MSC), which is also responsible for bada platform development, Social Hub and various other contents.

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