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Samsung & Jazz Partners – Galaxy S8 & S8+ with Free Internet for a Month

Samsung & Jazz Partners – Galaxy S8 & S8+ with Free Internet for a Month

Samsung and Jazz have partnered together with the objective of launching the much-anticipated flagship devices Galaxy S8 and S8+ all over Pakistan. As a result of the partnership, customers can now get their hands on the latest Samsung S8 and S8+ devices from their closet Jazz retail outlets for Rs.87,000/- and Rs.97,000/- respectively.

Moreover, all Jazz & Warid customers can avail access to free 3G and LTE for a month on the purchase of every Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. This way the loyal Samsung fans will be able to get the best internet experience, on the best and most innovative device yet.

Mr. J H Lee – President of Samsung Electronics, Pakistan & Afghanistan stated: “A growing number of urban smartphone users love Samsung Galaxy products as they inspire millions of people worldwide. As we join hands with Jazz, our aim is to unleash a similar inspirational spirit for our fans in Pakistan.”

Head of Data and Devices, Jazz – Mr. Muhammad Ali Khan said: “The partnership between Jazz and Samsung is truly a remarkable development. As we move ahead with ushering a digital revolution in the country, such enterprises will reap stimulating benefits for our customers.”

The launch of these flagship devices is in correlation with Samsungs will to succeed and going out-of-the-way to deliver quality products and services to all its customers, ultimately enhancing their overall experience.



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