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Samsung Introduces New Generation of European Kitchen Appliances with Chef Collection line-up

Samsung Introduces New Generation of European Kitchen Appliances with Chef Collection line-up

SamsungOne of Europe’s fastest growing home appliance brands introduces chef-inspired
Innovation with a full kitchen appliance line-up titled Samsung Chef Collection

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a global home appliance innovator, today announced a new line-up of premium home appliances that enable consumers to manage and master the entire cooking process from start to finish. With insights from the world’s top professional chefs, the line-up concentrates on keeping the precise temperature which is essential for the best cooking and tasting experience at home.

A new Bottom Mounted Freezer has been developed to keep even the most delicate ingredients fresh by maintaining a precise inside temperature. An oven with Gourmet Vapour Technology maintains the texture and flavor of the ingredient with hot vapour air for stable temperature control, and the Virtual Safety Flame equipped induction cook top visualizes the level of heat for safe usage and exact intensity setting so consumers can enjoy excellent cooking results. Lastly, one of the most significant innovations to the dishwasher in the past 160 years, will enhance the presentation and taste of food and will also be among the highlights on display at the IFA 2014 from Sep.5-10, 2014.

This year marks the debut of the Samsung Chef Collection in Europe, a suite of premium professional chef-level appliances developed in collaboration with Samsung Club des Chefs. This first-of-its-kind global culinary initiative, launched in 2013, has brought together world class chefs to collaborate with Samsung to create a new kitchen culture.

“Samsung home appliances always provide something more for the consumer. We ultimately want consumers to enjoy their daily life more while staying healthy and savoring the finer things in life. ”said BK Yoon, President and CEO of Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. “This is where the idea of Samsung Chef Collection started, by working closely with Samsung Club des Chefs, an advisory board of the world’s best chefs including chefs with three star Michelin ratings. I am glad that we’ve created groundbreaking kitchen appliances that offer a show-stopping level of preservation, cooking, presentation and premium style for European consumers.”

PreciseTemperature Control for Ultimate Freshness

The Samsung Chef Collection Bottom Mounted Freezer represents a huge leap forward in food preservation, storage and design with its thoughtful attention to innovation, especially to temperature control which ismaximized through unique features. One of the key chef insights to emerge from Samsung Club des Chefs was that professionals prefer meat to maintainan optimal temperature before cooking. Samsung’s solution was precise temperature controland minimized temperature fluctuation to preserve the freshest quality and taste at their best.

Samsung also understand that European consumers are concerned with design and limited space in the kitchen. With this in mind, Samsung designedthe Chef Collection Bottom Mounted Freezer to look perfectly harmonious with European kitchen furniture anddeliver aseamless integrated look. In addition, thanks to Samsung’s SpaceMax technology, the fridge provides 30 percent more storage capacity than an average built-in refrigerator whilst maintaining the same size and dimension of the exterior.

Astonishing Innovations for Cooking and Meal Preparation

Through the collaboration with Samsung Club Des Chefs, Samsung has also developed new innovations for cooking.

The Chef Collection Oven offers professional quality cooking with a new chef-inspired enhancement. The Gourmet VapourTechnology uses super-heated steam to optimize the texture and taste of your food, especially when baking or roasting. Steam heated to over 100°C creates a micro-fine Hydro vapour that is quickly and evenly circulated into every corner by the convection fan. By efficiently transferring heat and moisture, it instantly upgradesthequality of thefood to be deliciously crispy and brown outside, but soft and juicy inside

Delivering further innovation to the home chefs’ cooking experience, Samsung has fitted its Chef Collection Induction Cook topwith creative Virtual Safety Flame technology. The brand new cook topcombines maximum safety and convenience with perfect control, allaying consumer concerns and making them feel more in control.The innovative Virtual Safety Flame provides added safety and peace of mind by visually telling you when the heat is on and the intensity of it. LED lighting embedded in the surface glows to show the heat of each cooking zone, so you are aware whetherthe cook top is on, while also ensuringa more precise way to cook.

A New Day in Dishwashing in 160 Years

Sparkling spotless dishes are just as significant to the dining experience as the food itself.However, with the inefficient rotary and circle water sprays, the technology and design of the conventional dishwasherhasnot advanced for 160 years,until now.

Samsung’s Chef Collection dishwasherchanges the game. The WaterWall™ technology’s linear mechanism moves along the bottom of the dishwasher tub to provide consistent high water pressure,powered by vertical water jetsthroughout the washer while traditional wash systems feature rotary spray arms that do not reach all corners. The dishwasher creates a powerful sweepingwall of water from corner to corner to target every dish, pot, pan, serving spoon and flatware utensil every time.

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