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Samsung Introduces Innovative Printing Solutions


Samsung Introduces Innovative Printing Solutions

SamsungSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd, introduced new printing solutions that will push the boundaries of innovation in the printing industry at Samsung MENA Forum held in Malaga, Spain.

“In 2013, Samsung demonstrated its leadership in advanced mobile printing technologies by releasing the world’s very first NFC printer, the Xpress C460 Series. In 2014 and beyond, the company will continue to focus on providing easy, user-oriented technologies,” said Choong Ro Lee, President of Samsung Middle East and North Africa. “Today, we are expanding our NFC lineup to include high speed printers that support professional and business users. Samsung will continue to provide mobile printing solutions to meet our consumers’ needs.”

Samsung, a leader in integrated printing software, also unveiled innovative solutions specifically catered to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across different industries. These include server-free Business Core Printing Solutions.

Additionally, Samsung’s latest set of printing services, including Samsung’s ‘XOA (eXtensible Open platform Architecture)’ web-based open platform tool, provide customized solutions for distinct verticals. Furthermore, the company today reiterated its commitment to operating alliance programs for global ISVs, Independent Software Vendor, partners such as Ringdale and Equitrac.

Easy On-the-Go Printing with Samsung’s Xpress Series

For on-the-go printing that combines NFC and Wi-Fi Direct technologies, Samsung unveiled its new mono laser printer Xpress M2885 series and color laser printer Xpress C1865 series. These printers enable easy and convenient mobile printing for SMB users with outstanding print speeds: 28 pages per minute on mono laser printers and 18 pages-per-minute on color laser printers.

Both of Samsung’s new printer series also feature NFC and Wi-Fi Direct technologies that allow users to simply tap their smartphones on the printer to easily and securely print pictures, documents, e-mails and web content.

The Xpress series support mobile printing via Samsung’s mobile print app, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Samsung Galaxy users can also print directly from their devices with the natured ‘print’ button. Further, users can print on the Xpress series – whatever they want, wherever they are – with Google Cloud Print.

Enhanced Efficiency with Customized Printing Solutions for SMBs 

Samsung understands that SMBs need customizable workflow solutions that meet specific document-handling needs, all while maintaining high security and productivity. Because SMBs typically lack the scale of resources available to enterprise businesses, easy management solutions that fit tight budgets is of utmost importance.

To meet these needs for SMBs, Samsung introduced its Business Core™ Printing Solutions, BCPS, which provide the essential suite of offerings to create a seamless workflow experience. BCPS is embedded on Samsung printers and MFPs thus it does not need separate server. Thanks to its serverless printing solutions, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) can reduce IT resources, including IT management personnel and server purchasing cost. SMBs can also increase workplace efficiency through easy-to-use, serverless printing.

Included in the Business Core Printing Solutions offering are two packages, an Output Management Pack and a Document Management Pack that contain five key solutions for heightened productivity, cost-efficiency, security, ease of use and simplified maintenance tailored to SMBs. 

Expansion of Compatible Devices via a Web-Based XOA Platform

In 2010, Samsung Electronics released XOA Embedded, a flexible and powerful open platform for running business solutions on printers and MFPs. However, the platform could only be applied to high-end products, such as A3 copiers, because it required high hardware specifications.

To address this limitation, Samsung introduced the XOA Web platform, which does not need high hardware specifications because it is based on a web-based server. The platform is thereby compatible with a variety of devices from low-end A4 MFPs to high-end A3 copiers to run business solutions.

SMB customers can now enjoy the benefits enhanced productivity, security and device management solutions according to their needs in addition to saving cost. Additionally ISVs, resellers and dealers can offer customer-oriented solutions running on smaller A4 devices that better meet their customers’ needs.


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