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Samsung Galaxy S II goes Windows Phone 7

Samsung Galaxy S II goes Windows Phone 7

Microsoft variation shown off at Worldwide Partner Conference

We love it when a rumour actually turns out to be true, like the one about the Samsung Galaxy S II going Windows Phone 7.

At the start of July, we reported that the SGH i-937 is also on a list of WP7 devices – and that model number was very close to that of the original Galaxy S II, so we did anticipate this happening.

Fast forward to this week and according to Pocket-lint, the handset was flashed around at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner conference. Not an exact port, but a handset very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S II, with three Microsoft buttons (Home, Search and Back), and what is said to be a Super AMOLED screen.

Details didn’t come with the phone sadly, but it’s highly likely that the specification will be on a par with the Android version and with similar proportions (i.e very slim). ‘It’s very thin and light,’ confirmed Steve Guggenheimer, corporate VP, original equipment manufacturer division at Microsoft, just to hammer the point home.

As this wasn’t the official launch, we can expect the full lowdown in the very near future at a separate event, which should also offer up a launch date, likely to be well ahead of Christmas. According to Microsoft’s Andy Lee, new handsets from HTC, Acer, LG, ZTE and Fujitsu will also launch later this year with WP7. No mention of Nokia though, sadly.


Samsung Galaxy S II goes Windows Phone 7

Samsung Galaxy S II goes Windows Phone 7

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