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Samsung Galaxy Note Studio – A creative extravaganza in Karachi

Samsung Galaxy Note Studio – A creative extravaganza in Karachi

The Samsung GALAXY Note Studio kicked off at Park Towers, Karachi after its tremendous success inLahore. The event showcased multiple hi-tech features of the first tablet and smart phone hybrid from Samsung – “The Galaxy Note”. Using this device, one can draw caricatures and compose music with multiple instruments. The event revolved around the revolutionary digital “Caricature feature”.

As the excited visitors thronged the splendid ceremonies, skilled artists were engaged for drawing caricatures, using the Galaxy Note. These caricatures were also printed on mugs and T-shirts, for presenting as souvenirs. Samsung’s “S Pen” technology fascinated the visitors. Various media personalities and celebrities also graced the occasion, and special discounts were also offered on the purchase of the smartphone.

SamsungPakistan’s Head of HHP & IT, Mr. Roy Chang said; “After receiving an overwhelming response at theLahoreand Karachi Studio events, we are inspired to introduce more creative galaxy Note fans. This device simplifies the capturing and sharing of creative ideas, through images, designs and text.”

The Galaxy Note Studio events inLahoreandKarachiwere a part of a global series of promotional events. Galaxy Note runs on a powerful processor, offering intuitive hand-motion features, a vast memory and a powerful camera, with high-speed connectivity and a wide HD touch screen.

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