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Samsung employees enjoy a “Great Working Place” experience

Samsung employees enjoy a “Great Working Place” experience

Samsung Electronics is a global leader and award-winning innovator in Telecommunications and Digital Technologies. Recently, Samsung Pakistan arranged an exciting and fun-filled outdoor recreational activity celebration, in which all Samsung employees were invited to participate and have delightful experiences.

This celebration is named “Great Working Place” (GWP) activity and is held on a quarterly basis to promote Team-Building opportunities among the Samsung staff. It helps the hard-working, passionate and innovative employees to relax and cheer with numerous outdoor fun activities for participants of varying ages. An interactive meeting for operational deliberations was also held on that fun-filled day to enhance the team-building skills of the employees.

Samsung Pakistan’s Managing Director – Mr. John Park said; “It is delightful to see Samsung employees from the various operational departments, strive to maintain friendly and cordial relations among themselves, by coming together as one big Samsung family, and participating in numerous recreational and sporting activities with a team-building spirit, to make the “Great Working Place” activity a resounding success”.

Numerous employees expressed their excitement with delighted remarks, saying; This is what distinguishes Samsung from the common business enterprises. This electronics leader creates great opportunities to nurture personalities and develop interactive skills in its workers, for sharing the joys of life together and strengthen personal cohesion among individual employees. Thus, it enables effective team-building and productivity enhancements to meet highly ambitious goals on every level. The employees thoroughly enjoy such inspirational measures.

There was an air of friendly competitiveness and cooperation prevalent during the various sporting contests organized by Samsung’s management. These friendly activities included games like; Archery, Boating, Cricket and entertainments, along with appetizing snacks and food items, which were enjoyed equally by each participant.

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