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PTCL organizes ‘Service uplifting’ training by Ron Kaufman

PTCL organizes ‘Service uplifting’ training by Ron Kaufman

Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) recently held a one-day service leadership workshop on “Building an Uplifting Service Culture at PTCL”, at Serena,Islamabad. The training session was delivered by world-renowned trainer and leading educator Ron Kaufman who is an expert in building an uplifting service culture.

‘Service Leadership Workshop’ was attended by PTCL’s senior and middle management from all over Pakistan which provided them an interactive and engaging opportunity to review their current service standards and ascertain strategies for future, leading to an action-oriented and empowering culture which delights the customer with consistent and quality services.

“PTCL takes special pride in training its leaders so they become more dynamic and more productive”, said Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) Human Resources, Syed Mazhar Hussain. “This workshop will add value to our incredible pool of talented and hardworking human resources so that the company can continue delivering outstanding performance”.

Rated among the world’s top twenty-five “Great Speakers” for his high-energy and high-content presentations, Mr. Kaufman specializes in service culture as a catalyst for change and how it cascades through the organization.

The training will enable participants to apply the fundamental principles of customer services to their internal and external situations, and identify measures for improvement.

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