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PTCL leads PTA’s 2011 Broadband QoS survey

PTCL leads PTA’s 2011 Broadband QoS survey

Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) is leading all operators in the country by providing to consumers the highest quality Broadband Internet service, according to the second nationwide Quality of Service (QoS) 2011 survey conducted by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

Released last week, the PTA survey places PTCL in category A (more than 95%) atLahore,Rawalpindi,PeshawarandQuetta, and in category B (more than 80%) atKarachifor the 1Mbps wire-line broadband service.

The survey was carried out inLahore,Karachi,Peshawar,Quetta, Rawalpindi/Islamabad and Muzaffarabad for categories of 512Kbps and 1Mbps in both wire-line and wireless broadband services offered by different operators. The survey measures operators’ overall performance based on PTA’s key performance indicators (KPIs), including service availability, download and upload bandwidth speed, round-trip time, and service retain-ability.

“Pakistanis the world’s 4th fastest growing broadband market, and PTCL is the country’s single largest broadband service provider with 95% market share,” said Senior Executive Vice President, Naveed Saeed. “In line with the Government’s vision for Broadband growth inPakistan, we are leading the country’s broadband revolution from the front by making this technology affordable through lowered entry barriers; by geographically bringing the service within the reach of a common user across the country; and by continuous improvements in customer care.”

The PTA terms Broadband as “a significant economic stimulus for any country”, and PTCL DSL is spearheading its exponential growth inPakistanwith a footprint in over 1,100 cities and towns. PTCL is the world’s first operator to introduce “UltraNet” using VDSL2 bonding technology with speeds up to 50mbps on a copper network; and it has deployed the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology.

Last year, PTCL again became the world’s first operator to commercially launch 3G EVDO Rev B service. In the form of EVO NITRO, it gives consumers the market’s maximum speed of 9.3MBPs. PTCL hasPakistan’s largest and fastest growing 3G EVDO wireless broadband network, with connectivity and roaming in nearly 200 cities.

“PTCL is one of the most progressive data connectivity providers of the world and Broadband is now a driver forPakistan’s national GDP,” said Mr. Saeed. “We have a responsibility to developPakistan’s technology and data network for establishing the echo system conducive for our country’s economic growth and social uplift, and PTCL is fully primed to facilitate that.”

The first to bring to Pakistan EVO dongles with Internet connectivity, PTCL has followed by launching its innovative 3G EVO Wi-Fi Cloud to connect multiple Wi-Fi devices simultaneously and the first ever PTCL 3G Android EVO Tab with built-in wireless broadband offering Internet connectivity on the go. This month, PTCL launchedPakistan’s first 3G enabled Android Smartphone, IVIO Icon Pro that offers dual support for both EVDO and GSM/CDMA network.

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