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Private Sector follows Mobilink to encourage Sportsmen

Private Sector follows Mobilink to encourage Sportsmen

Being involved with local sports activities; we would like to appreciate the efforts of Mobilink to pay tribute to Naseem Hameed, the “Fastest Woman of South Asia” and the first Pakistani female athlete to win the short sprint gold medal in the 26-years history of the South Asian Games. 

The unveiling of a beautiful song capturing Naseem’s struggle and accomplishments. The cellular company has also included Naseem Hameed as one of its Brand Ambassadors. This is very positive step from the corporate sector; which will encourage the thousands of aspiring international athletes in the country, whose talent and abilities remain unrecognized on the official level. This will urge their parents to support these youngsters in participating in sporting activities. Most of the parents in our country hesitate in sending their children towards sports. They don’t consider sports as a reliable and sustainable activity for achieving a stable career.

 Government sports department to concentrate on the other sports activities and games besides cricket and hockey. Pakistani players have demonstrated a lot of talent, but they have no facilities, coaching or grounds for polishing their talents and proving themselves to the world. I also request Mobilink Jazz to widen the scope and continue such efforts for bringing various sports back to life in Pakistan. All the other private organizations should promote and support the players of our country.

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