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Perfect Gift for Him and Her this Valentine’s Day

Perfect Gift for Him and Her this Valentine’s Day

With the Valentine’s Day almost upon us, most of us are frantically searching for the perfect present for the loved ones in our life. Huawei has solved that problem but providing the perfect gift for him and her; The Huawei Mate 9 and Honor 8. These are both are beautifully crafted powerful devices which are perfect for treating that special someone in your life. Huawei is offering a free ‘Honor color band A1’ on the purchase of Honor 8 or Mate 9 as a special Valentine’s Day offer for 13th and 14th February.

Mate 9 is the feature-rich device designed to fulfill the needs of the prolific man. Its sleek and slim unibody with a sandblast finish and amazing 5.9 inch display makes it the perfect accessory.  The Honor 8 on the other hand has a smaller display but is the ideal device for socially-active ladies who love taking selfies because of its amazing dual lens camera.

Huawei considered both cultural needs and consumer-trends, while designing the functional elements of the Honor 8 and Mate 9. Both the devices boasts amazing camera features respectively, enhanced battery life and a sleek design, clearly reflecting Huawei’s innovation, reliability, performance and consumer-focus. Through these powerful devices, Huawei has managed to capture what the younger millennial audience is looking for; phones promising revolutionary user-experience along with the liberty to stream, share and scroll swiftly and with style.

The Marketing Manager of Huawei Mr Salman Javed stated that; “We expect to exceed our sales targets, with this recently launched great devices – The Huawei Honor 8 and Mate 9. This confirms our belief in working with our users to understand their needs and preferences, before creating new revolutionary technologies, which offer the perfect blend of beauty and performance to ensure the happiness of many diverse segments of users”. Both devices are available with the V Day Deal on all Huawei brand shops, so hurry up and spread the love with Huawei.


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