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Pakistan’s best online property portal comments on Nawaz Sharif’s message of peace and equality during Diwali

Pakistan’s best online property portal comments on Nawaz Sharif’s message of peace and equality during Diwali

Lamudi Pakistan echoes Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s message of tolerance at a Diwali celebration last week in Karachi, by pointing out the connection between multiculturalism and the rise of foreign interest in Pakistan real estate.

Sharif’s attendance at the event was in itself a huge statement because it is the first time that a head of government in Pakistan has attended such a celebration.

However, it was the Prime Minister’s speech that had the most impact. He stated clearly and without ambiguity that oppressive acts toward Sikhs, Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan would not be tolerated. He added that all Pakistanis should celebrate the holidays of other cultures because it would bring people together.

“Prime Minister Sharif’s words reflect the sentiments held by our company, both in Pakistan and globally,” said Saad Arshed, Country Director, Lamudi Pakistan. “Our clients and customers come from a diverse set of cultures and nationalities, and we respect them equally. We celebrate all holidays at Lamudi, because real estate is about more than just properties and land, it is about community.”

Recently, Lamudi Pakistan released data about the increase in foreign interest in the nation’s real estate, which showed that more than 170 countries visited the online property portal in 2015. According to Arshed, increased foreign interest is a result of Pakistan’s growing multiculturalism and acceptance of diversity, which was underscored by the Prime Minister.

“Although more than 80 percent of our traffic comes from inside Pakistan, our traffic from foreign visitors is increasing rapidly. From 2014 to 2015, it increased by more than 25 percent. This is a clear indication that outsiders are becoming more comfortable with the idea of investing in Pakistan’s real estate. This is undoubtedly and in a large part due to the increasing tolerance of minorities in our country.”

As a testament to the Pakistani people’s solidarity with their leader as well as their fellow citizens of other cultures, the term “Diwali” was among the top ten trending topics on the microblogging platform Twitter. Many well-known Pakistanis took to Twitter to add to the Prime Minister’s message of tolerance, including Nafisa Shah, a Pakistani activist.

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