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Pakistan Coating Show continues to display revolutionary technologies

Pakistan Coating Show continues to display revolutionary technologies

On the second day, the annual Pakistan Coating Show 2016, gained momentum with enthusiastic participation from the Coating, Paints and Chemicals industry professionals. With more than 64 national & multinational companies displaying ground-breaking technologies, the event proceeded as a resourceful B2B platform, being organized by the ‘Bin Rasheed Group’ and ‘B2B Media’, from the 15th to 17thJanuary, at the Expo Centre Lahore.

On the second day, the forum continued to attract large crowds to witness the offerings of international and local manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and dealers, who are sharing their ideas and products, while building stronger corporate relations and inspiring more valuable investments in Pakistan.

The event offers great opportunities for B2B networking, collaboration and media-exposure for the stakeholders, to give a big boost to the national economy. Students and young entrepreneurs, who aspire to build their careers in the related industry, are also thronging the venue, to seek valuable knowledge on innovative technologies, being offered through the insightful sessions, conducted by international experts, during the conference and seminars that enrich the annual exhibition.

Brighto Paints Pvt. Ltd. is the principal sponsor of this year’s exhibition, along with several prestigious local and multinational industries patronizing the show.CEO Brighto paints; -Mr. Ejaz Ahmad Sikka in compliance with the Passionate Pakistan Vision 2025 of Mr. Ahsan Iqbal has organized the Show impressively. Moreover, it was Mr. Ejaz Ahmad’s role in bringing the Federal Minister for Planning Development to witness the colorful exhibition at Expo center this year.

The co-sponsors include; ICI Pakistan, Power Chemicals Industries Ltd, PCSIR, Rainbow General Trading Co. LLC and Shalimar Resin Industries Pvt. ltd. The three-day event displays more than 170 stalls and is expected to attract more than 4000 visitors, providing them with direct access and a deeper perspective on the preferences of the international customers. The insightful conference is featuring renowned experts and learned speakers, to present thorough analyses of the evolving trends in the industry.

Federal Minister for Planning and Development –Mr. Ahsan Iqbal said, “It is delightful to see the overwhelming response received by the entrepreneurs and professionals of the coating industry, to ensure the success of this insightful annual event. I would also like to extend my deepest appreciation to the participants who have transformed this event into a robust and dynamic platform, to accelerate progress and growth in the related industrial sectors.”

Bin-Rasheed is a team of skilled professionals, engaged in marketing a wide variety of raw materials, for the coating industry, since three decades now. It offers great expertise and extensive research in the manufacturing of color Master batches and assortment of additives for the plastic industry.

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