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Pakistan Auto Show 2016 attracting large crowds with Technology Updates & Training Sessions

Pakistan Auto Show 2016 attracting large crowds with Technology Updates & Training Sessions

As the Pakistan Auto Show 2016 entered its 2nd Day, large crowds continued to gather and seek valuable information and knowledge. The grand event being held at the Expo Centre in LahTrore, will continue from the 4th to 6th of March 2016. Organized by the Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts & Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM), it features more than 135 international & local Auto-manufacturers and related enterprises and showcases the vast potential of Pakistan’s robust Automotive industry. It also features numerous insightful training sessions where industry experts are providing technology updates and authentic knowledge to the thousands of professionals and visitors thronging the exhibition.

On 2nd day of the Show among the high profile visitors Federal Secretary for Industry, Italian Ambassador in Pakistan –Mr. Stefano, Co-chairman of Auto policy Committee ECC, -Mr. Zubair witnessed the exhibition. Furthermore, Mr. Ali Zafar, the brand Ambassador of Yamaha also visited the expo center.

The Chief Organizer of the Pakistan Auto Show 2016 – Syed Nabeel Hashmi appreciated the overwhelming response of the stakeholders and stated that: The PSDC Seminars and Workshops being held during the Auto Show are a great attraction for the industry professionals. Conducted by very learned speakers these sessions will disseminate high-valued information. The session topics include: “Quality Function Deployment, Cost Effective Customized Solutions, Materials for Auto Manufacturing, Exhaust Plume Flow Visualization for Qualitative Analysis of Engine Combustion Performance, Motion Control of Future Electric Vehicle fitted with In-Wheel, Intersection of Research and Commercialization, Addressing 2 & 3 wheeler problems, Development of Auto Parts Sector by SMEDA, Automotive Crashworthiness, Wise Decisions on Cost of Quality, and Developing Exporting Skills.

The Chairman of PAAPAM – Mr, Mumshad Ali commented that; PAAPAM is committed to play a key role as the binding force for the Auto industry. Since its incorporation in the year 1999, PAAPAM has successfully grown to 292 registered members. The estimated number of Parts-Manufacturers in Pakistan includes; 670 units in Tier One, 900 units in Tier Two and 1300 units in Tier Three. This industry comprises of 500,000 skilled workers as Direct Employees and 2.4 million indirect employees (Total 2.9 million). With an Investments volume of Rs.270 billion, this industry contributes a revenue of Rs 110 billion per annum to the national exchequer. It has achieved an Import substitution worth US$ 3.3 billion per annum and an Exports volume of US$ 110 million per annum.

The SVC of PAAPAM – Mr. Mashood Ali Khan stated that; As the demand for automobiles is expected to rise continuously over the next 3-5 years, the big challenge for Pakistan is to nurture local assemblers & vendors and rapidly generate investments in capacity building to meet the sharply rising demand. The base of Engineering Technologies in this industry is spread across; Sheet Metal Parts, Plastic Injection and Blow Molding, Rubber Components, Steel Forging & machining, Foundry / Castings, Aluminum Die Casting & machining and Electrical & Electronics, so we need to work on multiple fronts to achieve our growth objectives, while consistently maintaining the quality of our products.

The Vice Chairman of PAAPAM – Mr. Mahmood Alam Sherani stated that; This industry has already achieved a high level of localization, whereby it boasts: 75% localization in Cars & HCVs, 96% in Tractors, 96% in Motorcycles and 80% in Three Wheelers. Its products are being exported to; The European Union, USA, African Countries and all over Asia. The Annual production in 2015 had reached; 180,000 cars, 1.8 million motorcycles, 4000 Trucks, 600 Busses, 47,000 Tractors and 50,000 Three wheelers.

Other Members of the organizing team who played a key role in making this event a roaring success, include: Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed, Mr Mohd. Saleem, Mr Mehboob, Mr Taufiq, Mr Rehan, Mr Shafqat, Mr Mansoor, Mr Saeed and many more. Sixteen Universities are also participating in the Pakistan Auto Show 2016, to present their innovations & engineering projects. The Award-winning universities for their innovations and Engineering Projects include: University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, National University of Sciences & Technology, Institute of Space Technology Islamabad, NED University of Engg. & Technology Karachi, and the National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences FAST Lahore. Other Awards in the Arts, Live Drawing and Sculptures category goes to: Beaconhouse National University, National College of Arts and the University of Engg. & Technology Lahore.

At the end of the second day of the show there was a sumptuous Gala dinner and a musical night arrangements for the participants.


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