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Pak Wheels- Automobile Trends Survey

Pak Wheels- Automobile Trends Survey

pakwheelsPak wheels, the largest community based automobile website in Pakistan with more than 300,000 plus registered car and motorcycle enthusiasts is conducting an extensive survey for analyzing automobile trends in the country.

The survey would be first of in-depth market research based on automobile industry in Pakistan. On a large scale, it is an attempt to gauge automotive trends in the country and also to yield vital information helpful for the stake holders of the automobile sector.

Pak Wheels is conducting this survey in attempt to analyze the perception of people in buying a car, and finding factors that customer relates to when purchasing a car. The acquired key information will result in a huge amount of data which will help the company to evaluate demographics, driving interests, buying patterns, car preferences and array of other data from customers.

The Marketing Manager of, Mr. Saad Salman said: “PakWheels always strive to admire the efforts of stake holders of automobile industry truly based on honesty, commitment and unbiased decisions.”

The survey conducted will help the companies to build on their recent efforts and work on future changes beneficial for the automobile industry to grow in the country. He added

Meanwhile, the company, based on the results will award “car of the year”, “hatchback of the year”, “Sedan of the year” awards and to other categories also. The survey will also help to reveal information about popularity of radio stations, engine oil brands, insurance and tracking companies operating in the country.

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