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Lamudi logoPakistan’s best real estate website Lamudi Pakistan is now offering a loan calculator to help property-seekers with home financing. Lamudi has collaborated with Dubai Islamic Bank Private Limited (DIBPL) to help customers calculate the cost of a mortgage.

Homebuyers can access the calculator by visiting the website and choosing a property they would like to buy. The loan calculator button is located on the top right-hand corner of each property listing. The calculator’s user-friendly design gives customers a breakdown of how much the monthly loan repayment would be, along with the total loan amount and its terms and conditions.

Customers can choose the size of their down payment – between 30 and 70 percent of the property’s asking price – which is used to calculate their monthly repayments. They can then choose the duration of the loan from between 3 and 20 years.

Once customers have selected their preferences, the monthly installment amount will be displayed on screen. If they decide to go ahead with the loan, they can submit a request through the page by clicking the ‘Apply’ button. They will then be redirected to DIBPL who will respond directly to their query.

Saad Arshed, Country Director of, said: “It is every Pakistanis dream to have their own home but due to lack of funds at the time of buying the property, they are not always able to do so. Many people end up spending their entire savings on rent which ultimately shatters their dream of owning a house.

This online loan calculator has been launched to rebuild the hope of such Pakistanis and to help them to finance the property of their dreams.”

Lamudi Pakistan’s online loan calculator aims to assist homebuyers who depend on mortgages to finance their property purchase, Arshed said.

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