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Now you can Upload Image on “”

Now you can Upload Image on “”

Now you can upload Image to Twitter without using any other software.Its Simple as a cake.

After signing in to your Twitter account ,when you click the tweetbox.You will see a additonal button on the left side ,the location button was present before and now the uploading image button.

That`s a big relief for all the Twitters users as it was not possible Previously.Every Twitter user has or had to use one or other software like (TweetDeck,Seesmic Desktop,Nambu( for Mac users) etc  for picture uploading on Twitter.

Question Answer about Uploading Image button on “”

Question : How to attach an Image using Twitter “Add an Image” button ?

Answer :

  1. By Clicking on the image icon ,a upload window will appear.
  2. After attaching the image to your Tweet.
  3. Once you attached your picture ,the camera will be turned blue.
  4. The picture will come as a link e.g (
  5. If by mistake you selected the wrong you can click the “x” control.
  6. ( appearing above the right corner of the uplaoded image.) to delete the image.

(Picture below) :

Question :  Where are the picture uploading ?

Answer : The pictures are uploading on via “Photobucket”.

Question :  Why Image button is not showing ?

Answer : This feature is still on test phase ,so there is a chance that few users won`t see

the image button.But there is nothing to worry about ,it will appear very soon if its not


Question :  Does Twitter support Flickt,Twitpic,Yforg and other Image hosted sites ?

Answer : Yes !!! you can see pictures there too 🙂

Question :  What about the Exif Data ?

Answer : Exif data is removed on upload.

Question : can Twitter users comment on the uploaded Image tweet?

Answer : yes they can,by simply replying to the tweet that contains Image.

Question :  Whats the procedure of deleting Image ?

Answer : Yes you can ,by deleting the tweet that contain Image.

(Picture below) :

Click the x button to Remove it.

Question :  Is the gallery of pictures ,availble to all the users?

Answer : Not at this time,But from the twitter sources,you will be in near future.

I hope this feature is welcomed by all the users of Twitter  ,as it was a major concern for the twitter team to provide an uploaded Image feature on

The image  will appear as a link  in your Tweet (Picture below) :

I love it and I am using it ,hope you  like it and share your images via (upload Image Button)

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