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Mobilink initiates corporate sector's flood relief response

Mobilink initiates corporate sector's flood relief response

Mobilink has taken the lead in initiating the corporate sector’s response to the needs of flood affected areas in Southern Punjab.

Mobilink has launched a rapid flood-relief campaign to counter the impact of flood related devastation, with a specific focus on the vicinity of DG Khan and Rajanpur, where over 100,000 people have been affected as a result of rain and canal breaches. The Mobilink Foundation has initiated relief efforts in coordination with federal and regional Disaster-Management Authorities to provide supplies for the affectees.

Bilal Munir Sheikh, Chief Commercial Officer, Mobilink shared, “Mobilink has always remained at the forefront of responding to Pakistan’s hour of need. Building on our learnings from the floods in the last two years, our CSR team had been ready with a flood response plan, which has helped us initiate our relief activity as soon as the need has arisen. As always, Mobilink Torchbearers will take the lead in bringing the flood relief to the affected communities.”

Mobilink Torchbearers is the title given to Mobilink’s employee volunteer force. The Torchbearers will be engaged for physical distribution of relief goods as well as coordinating operations on-ground. Mobilink Torchbearers are preparing to reach out to relief camps in the Rajanpur area with emergency assistance including ration packs and potable water

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