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Mobilink Foundation Partners with Pink Ribbon

Mobilink Foundation Partners with Pink Ribbon

Mobilink Foundation has partnered with Pink Ribbon to spread awareness about Breast Cancer through their Ladies Portal. Pakistanhas the highest rate of Breast Cancer amongst all Asian countries. Every 9th woman inPakistanis at high risk of getting Breast Cancer. Over 40,000 deaths every year are caused by this cancer which can be treated if detected early. With early detection the chances of surviving Breast Cancer are more than 90%.

Mobilink Foundation in partnership with Pink Ribbon is striving to make life saving information on breast cancer easily available. One of the biggest challenges faced by Pink Ribbon inPakistanis that women do not have access to information about this cancer and often do not feel comfortable seeking this information from peers or doctors. In order to provide essential information to women in the privacy of their own homes, Mobilink partnered with Pink Ribbon to create simple audio messages that provide critical information on breast cancer such as how to recognize the signs and symptoms, conducting a self-exam and what to do in case of serious concerns.

Mobilink customers can dial 8585 from their phone and access the ladies portal where they will be guided to information on breast cancer through a series of voice prompts.  In order to access the full range of information customers need to subscribe to the ladies portal at just Rs. 1 plus tax per day. The portal also provides information on other matters of interest to women such as tips on healthy eating and exercise.

The Mobilink Foundation is committed to providing all Pakistanis with access to basic health care and leveraging its strength as a telecom company to generate new and innovative solutions to social problems. For the very first time inPakistan, this information has been made available to women in the privacy of their own homes. Through this initiative, the Mobilink Foundation hopes to increase awareness about breast cancer, aiding in early detection and less deaths from a condition that is curable.

Pink RibbonPakistanaims at creating awareness about the risks posed to Pakistani women by breast cancer.  From 2004 to date, they have empowered over 90,000 women with knowledge and techniques to detect Breast Cancer at an early stage. It has also provided free clinical examination to 5,000 women through expert doctors. But perhaps what stands out in all achievements is the fact that there has been a 30% increase in turn up at Breast Cancer Clinics nationwide since Pink Ribbon Campaign first started in Pakistan.

Mobilink Foundation’s partnership with Pink Ribbon is a reflection of the commitment of Mobilink and its employees to giving back to the community. Established in 2007, the Mobilink Foundation is a non-profit organization, which provides support in the areas of health, education, environment and humanitarian assistance.  Being a philanthropic organization, it is purely based on employee volunteerism that enables the Foundation to spend every paisa directly towards causes it is associated with.

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