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Microsoft Pakistan launches ‘Technology for Good’ initiative

Microsoft Pakistan launches ‘Technology for Good’ initiative

In the spirit of its mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more, Microsoft has launched its globally-established “Technology for Good” program in Pakistan. This initiative is aimed at addressing the technology obstacles organizations from the social sector face trying to accomplish their cause.

Non-profit organizations around the world have limited resources. Hence, it is a tough choice for them to decide whether to invest in IT infrastructure or to allocate maximum funds for community support and social-development. The ‘Technology for Good’ program will empower non-profits to achieve more as Microsoft will donate software & ‘Cloud’ services to help these organizations accomplish their missions. It promises to simplify the IT challenges for non-profits, with reliable solution. Together, Microsoft and nonprofits can engage communities around the world and help them bring positive social change, through a variety of mobile-first and cloud-first platforms, to create services that enhance productivity. This will enable social-sector organizations to focus more on doing more good, in the communities that they serve.

The Country Manager of Microsoft Pakistan– Abid Zaidi stated that: Philanthropy is a vital part of Microsoft’s vision. We believe in sharing our success with the communities, wherever we operate. As a technology-enabler, we create robust platforms that promise revolutionary enrichments in the society. With our focus on the youth, we provide powerful solutions for various national challenges. We are thus inspiring many dynamic partnerships among NGO’s, Academia and donors. These technology-driven alliances are nurturing fresh efforts for nation-building.”

Cloud computing technology has now become a vital element, having a tremendous impact on NGO’s. By adopting cloud technology, NGOs can not only cut their operational costs and streamline the flow of communications, but simultaneously modernize accounting systems, and facilitate resource management. The technology donated by Microsoft will bring a paradigm shift in how the information is managed.Social media, websites, webinars, emails, and e-commerce — all the rudiments of cloud computing, are now revolutionizing the operations of NGOs working in various sectors.

Mr. Aziz Memon – the President of All Pakistan Memon Federation (APMF) addressed the event and stated: “We are really excited to be a part of this pioneering initiative by Microsoft. We want to thank Microsoft for donating the latest software technologies to the development organizations with a social spirit. The software technologies are already helping a large number of communities, to achieve faster economic growth. Many high-potential Startups are also making tremendous progress due to these powerful technologies.”

Mr. Rizwan Ahmed – Senior Manager, Career Services & Special Projects at Aman Foundation said: “This is a noble venture by Microsoft, which is fully cohesive with Aman Foundation’s mission to empower communities, by providing modern tools and resources for rapid progress. Microsoft’s ‘Technology for Good’ programme, promises the much-needed software-support for; Social Mobilization, Education & Literacy, Primary HealthCare, Economic Development and Sustainable Environment.”

This initiative will synchronize the development efforts of more than 80 participants representing 40+ organizations. Microsoft’s solution partners will also extend their support to the NGOs/INGOs, Academia and donors.

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