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Microsoft Nurturing the Youth for National Development

Microsoft Nurturing the Youth for National Development

Microsoft Pakistan conducted four illuminating events under the umbrella of Citizenship in Pakistan by the name “Enabling Youth for National Development”. The events were successfully orchestrated on 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 30th December, 2015, in Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, respectively.

A large number of key decision makers from various NGOs, private academia and private companies were invited to the event. A discussion session was held among the speakers and the participants, where they discussed in detail the importance of finer youth fostering for national development.

The Country Manager of Microsoft Pakistan – Mr. Nadeem Malik stated “Acting as a responsible corporate citizen, Microsoft Pakistan is committed to serve the communities, with robust initiatives that empower the people. Going beyond its primary business operations, Microsoft Pakistan is passionately working with its customers, partners, employees and communities to help the nation realize its full potential. Addressing a range of societal opportunities and challenges, Microsoft extends valuable expertise and resources to nurture education, employment and entrepreneurship for accelerating economic growth.”

The impetus of these events was to create a mutual bond between NGOs, academia and the private industry. The partnership formations will further prove to be beneficial in reaching grass-root level communities and the youth, to enable them in becoming prosperous entrepreneurs.

Through this event Microsoft also created awareness regarding Microsoft’s employability portal “Rozgar” which will be launched soon. Microsoft employability portal will provide the youth with exclusive access, via internet and mobile phone, to courses which will better aid in developing their professional skills and boost employment. It is a platform with a job search function, youth mentoring and social and professional networking. A product made in MEA which will be introduced in more than 15 countries, in conjunction with Ministries of Youth, Labor, donor organizations and lead NGO’s.

Microsoft’s Citizenship program in Pakistan believes in empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more and be the spark of change. These initiatives are aimed at elevating Pakistan to the next level of technological competence, by empowering the citizens and promoting knowledge, to achieve high productivity and high rate of employment, through instant access to cutting-edge solutions and advanced information systems.

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