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Massive corruption charges in Zong surfaces-A letter to CEO Zong by a staffer of the teleco

Massive corruption charges in Zong surfaces-A letter to CEO Zong by a staffer of the teleco

Everybody know this person but I show you the real side of picture by sharing a few points which a lot many are unaware of…you may find them to be valuable…hoping they are further explored and investigated with due fairness and all necessary actions would be taken accordingly.


Person who hijacked all departments and destroying CMPak is no other than the golden boy “Mr. Director Rollout Khurram Alvi”.


1 – Most corrupt person in the entire history of CMPak Engineering department and yet having billions of rupees budget at his disposal.


2 – Got own company working GMK in CMPak Rollout strictly against company policy which no where in the world go by HR books. Most favorite for all inhouse works. Company details speak for themselves. Is HR blind? Director getting 300K to 350K salary, can he afford many multi million rupees luxury vehicles and a brand new 50 million rupees house in model town Lahore with a huge bank balance in multiple banks.


3 – Widely popular for taking bribes with kickbacks in telecoms Pakistan. Lovely story of AT&N group run by Col. Talha with Faryal Toosy ex-subordinate-colleague-friend of Khurram Ali brought in rollout team to accommodate Director rollout vested interests. AT&N PDL Telcon all same faces of a dice. Commissions kickbacks from all vendors and master of all, ZTE. Any vendor not giving kickback ironically banned in rollout. Working with other names like Spleen, EPOS, Pakland, White Flower, 3G, Cascom, nds.


4 – What is procurement’s role in work awarding process and procedure in Rollout department for the in-house Rollout? Who checks what criterion? If procurement checks and still happening that means procurement and procurement director also involved in this act of corruption.


5 – Has very close team involved or maybe forced to co-operate. Some told earlier some now. Canadian nationale and Khurram Alvi’s best buddy, South RPM Hafiz Abid – head of corruption in south Region including kicking out Ericson in civils to do themselves and so far earned more than 150 million rupees. Imran Munir project manager Rollout HQ – a finance person on purpose converted Project Manager Rollout in 4A to oversee vested interests and manage all affairs of GMK. Ch. Shafqat Ali Central Siteac manager – helping GMK in all sitac works while taking his piece from pie, M. Tikka Khan Siteac manager north – right hand of director rollout with his brother M. Changez Khan working as director projects in GMK. Mirza Affan Baig rollout manager central – a seasoned facilitator of job desperate. Babar Ali Rao central – watching all generator investment interests. Syed Amir Mehmood RPM north and Atif Ali Zaki South – GMK’s USF project team members. Sumair Bashir Ch. Fops central and Nasir Quyyum C2 – old UK cousin friend and implants to take over entire engineering department and many more from other departments too . . .


6 – ZTE ex-PD – involved too. Gets commission for work award to pre-selected director’s “favorite” vendors and to take care of GMK early payments in ZTE.


7 – Got people hooked-up in all departments of CMPak paying commissions with bribes even in fixed assets, finance and payables departments for quick payments release of GMK partner vendors.


8 – USF project worth soaring 350 million rupees done solely by GMK. Generators too supplied by his own company. Takes kickbacks from all generator vendors.


9 – Other than corrupt ______________________ [Content removed due to explicit in nature]


10 – COO got know how but mysteriously silent . . .quiet or hijacked too?


11 – Despite knowing ex-cto always protected director rollout. Weak cto or hijacked by director rollout. Question arise.


Nobody say anything to this Director but other directors become advisor to cto? Just as he is a director with deep roots going to top so he does anything. managers told to leave Cmpak for done or undone corruption why this director ignored?


and if after reading all the above matters you still not take any positive action then I will be doubtful about you also and I will try to find e-mail addresses of more responsible officials of cmcc and zte. I have also have friends in China.


There is still a lot more to be said and done. I know a a lot more about other departments also. Looking forward to a favorable response and public prosecution.

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