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Likee Shares 7 Tips to Boost Followers on Short Video Platforms

Likee Shares 7 Tips to Boost Followers on Short Video Platforms

Lahore-Likee continues to evolve to become one of the quickest-growing short-video apps of the region, with over 150 million monthly active users worldwide. Likee’s most viral video content includes music videos, lip-syncing and hashtag challenges. In fact, there are several content creators that have started out on the platform, showcased their creativity and shined to the point where they have grown to become quite influential within their own respective communities.

“Likee has won the hearts of Generation Z users,” said a Likee spokesperson. “It is a platform that enables users to find their own voice and essentially build their personal brand from a highly unique, creative lens. Now, more than ever, users have all the resources they need at their fingertips to carve out career paths for themselves from being noticed and offered the opportunity to work for a world renowned organizations to collaborative opportunities and more, Likee users and short-video content creators, are as agile and entrepreneurial as ever in their drive to distinguish themselves.”

The capabilities within Likee continue to skyrocket as growth rates rise and the app continues to thrive. If you want to grow your short-video followers, here are some of the best ways to become Likee famous in 2021.

Identify your target audience:

There is a wide range of content and users on Likee – meaning there is room for everyone, however, this can also make it challenging to stand out from a crowd. So this begs the question, “How can I become famous in a pool of talents?”. The first and most critical step is to identify your specific niche in the market where you want to build your brand. If you have trouble figuring out what niche to pick, ask yourself, “what am I interested in?” As long as your chosen field is something you love, you are already well on your way of finding success with Likee.

To dive a little deeper; if you want to target an audience between the ages of 13 and 25, creating engaging and funny videos is the way to go. Whereas, if you are targeting the older generation, information-based content is better suited. They key here is to understand your audience and cater to the content they want to see.

Capitalize on the power of trends:

Viral trends pop up overnight on Likee. With a wide range of content, from challenges, lip syncing to dancing videos, there’s always something new trending on the platform. If you want to maximize your presence on Likee, be sure to participate in the latest trends available. Users can easily hop on a trend and add their own twist to it. This will increase your chances of users finding your videos. When you jump on a trend, ensure that your video stands out from the crowd. Create videos that will attract people’s attention. Be fun and creative. This will definitely help you get more followers.

Use Hashtags as much as possible:

Just like other popular Social Media platforms, including hashtags in your captions is the best way to increase exposure on the app. Users are more likely to come across your video, when they are searching for your hashtag.

It’s best to use hashtags that are specific to your content as it will make it easier for users to find your videos. For example, if you create videos related to the beauty and makeup niche, you can add specific hashtags like #makeuptutorials and #makeuptransformations in your captions.

Post at peak times:

Another exceptional Likee and short-video strategy that can be used in 2021 to boost your followers and take your Likee presence to a new level is to post exactly when your audience is most active. This way you will receive more likes, comments, and shares when you upload videos during peak times, increasing your engagement rate.

It is best for you to perform your own research. Experiment on different post times and track when you have the highest engagement.

Cross-promote your content on other social media platforms:

Cross-promoting your Likee content on social media channels will help drive traffic to your Likee account, increase your video views, and most importantly boost your followers. Since your goal is to gain followers, make sure to always include a Call-to-Action at the end of your videos directing your viewers to follow your account.

Engage with the content you enjoy:

A simple but effective way to grow your followers on Likee is by engaging with other creators’ content that compliments your brand. One strategy to grow your following is by liking and commenting on other people’s videos. To maximize the return of this strategy, comment on the short-videos of popular users. This will increase the chances of your comments getting seen by a lot of people. The key is to post creative comments that will attract the attention of other users.

Follow influencers that would be great partners for your brand and engage in their videos or find other brands in your industry that you’d like to support.

Collaborate with Content Creators: 

A powerful way of expanding your fan base is to team up with other content creators. This will help you reach a larger audience. It’s best to collaborate with users that are directly related to your niche or industry

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