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Karachi Golf Club Joins Reon’s Solar Revolution

Karachi Golf Club Joins Reon’s Solar Revolution

Reon Energy Limited today announced its latest project at Karachi Golf Club, Karsaz, Karachi. The solar energy system with a capacity of 400.5 kW shall offer numerous in savings and an annual expected carbon reduction of 190 Tonnes.

“This is one of the pioneering initiatives by the club’s management to address energy efficiency and conservation. Solar is present in abundance in Pakistan and can provide various economic and ecological benefits in the longer run. We live in an era where energy is the key to sustainable growth. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the Club’s management and members likewise, to be a part of something so vital and so fundamental for us as a nation,” said Inam ur Rahman, CEO, Reon Energy Limited.

Reon Energy Limited is a renewable energy venture of Dawood Hercules Corporation. Dawood Hercules is the single largest private energy contributor in Pakistan, contributing approximately 1800 MW of energy. Reon offers solar PV technologies to medium and large scale organizations to make them more profitable and self-reliant.

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