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ITCN Asia Expo 2015 – Three Days, One Event

ITCN Asia Expo 2015 – Three Days, One Event

CODE participated in ITCN Asia which took place in Karachi Expo Centre from 15th to 17th of September, 2015. Thousands of people interacted with CODE team, and were really captivated by CODE’s products during three successful days of Expo.

The group was founded more than 6 years ago and has since been expanding its portfolio of solutions provided in the form of specialized services and products. CODE is headquartered in Islamabad Pakistan, with offices in Karachi and soon to be in Lahore and Dubai.

CODE provides a wide variety of IT services, offering optimal end-to-end solutions to their clients providing them real-time benefits. People found CODE as offering a range of high-end premium products ranging from Mobile Applications, to User Management systems, to Business Intelligence Protocols, catering to the need of the current digital age.

Code was the only IT Company that had “Made in Pakistan” emblem on their branding in the entire exhibition, the Chief Guests of ITCN Asia exhibition Commander Vice Admiral Arifullah Hussaini and Airport Security Force Director General Major General Sohail Ahmed were really excited to see products like Code are emerging from Pakistan. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Chairman Syed Ismail, Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan President Dr Khursheed Nizam along with the foreign delegates were also present on the occasion, they also valued the efforts and finest solutions presented by Code team.

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