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Huawei’s Super Charge – Super Fast, Super Cool, Super Safe!

Huawei’s Super Charge – Super Fast, Super Cool, Super Safe!

When we talk of Huawei – it is the only global brand today, with a stellar record when it comes to quality. Huawei has successfully and consistently kept ‘quality’ at the forefront of all its operations. All Huawei products and devices undergo extensive stress-testing to ensure maximum quality and safety protocols.

With the launch of its new flagship device Huawei has introduced a new supercharge which is one of the world’s fastest rapid charge technologies and gives you a full day’s charge with just 20 minutes of charging. With this super charger extra safety protocols were taken to ensure 100% user safety. The super charge can identify the load capacity of a charger and cable and intelligently outputs the most efficient volatage to a smartphones battery according to realtime battery requirements. 4.5V/5A reduces heat generated by voltage transformations by 50% compared to traditional 9V/2A quick charging. The 8 layer cooling system significantly relieves generated heat. Supercharge is designed to be both fast and safe. In fact it has 5 safety protection gates, each gate with a 3 layer smart security check. This combined 15 layer security net provides charging protection in real time.

To answer Users quality and safety concerns Huawei has opened the doors to its “Device-Testing facilities”, in order to boost the consumers’ confidence in its products. This was done prior to the recent launch of its revolutionary device – the Mate 9. Consumers can now be sure that maximum quality is ensured through due diligence for each one of their favorite Huawei products.

All sample products at Huawei undergo a 72 hour solar radiation test, to guarantee that the device will never heat-up or malfunction.  Additionally 48 hours of hot and cold shift tests are done to ensure that the products can function seamlessly with temperature surges and drops. These are just some of the safety tests that are performed during the development process. A sample has to pass a series of rigorous tests, before it can be allowed to reach the shelves.

Additionally, 500 rounds of twist test are performed. Over 2000 rounds of software stress-tests are done and 70kg hardware stress-tests are performed, to reduce Huawei’s defect-rate to an astounding 0%. Huawei culture and practices are a testament to their ‘No-Nonsense’, ‘Customers- first’ policy, which dictates that; Customers demands are the driving force behind Huawei’s development and innovation. Continuous value-creation and being responsive to the customers’ needs is a primary aim at Huawei hence all innovations and respective dicisions are made with the customer as the focal point. This is why Huawei is number one in customer satisfaction and approval. Huawei topped the customer satisfaction survey conducted by the Shenghai Bureau of Quality Supervisions in 2015 and has a stellar repute when it comes to reliability world wide.

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