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Huawei’s innovations make it a leading performer in global telecom

Huawei’s innovations make it a leading performer in global telecom

HuaweiSince its inception in 1987, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. has evolved rapidly as a globally leading contributor and Award-winning innovator in telecom technology. Pursuing a set of Core-values that define a Customer-centric focus, Huawei has created and deployed the most sophisticated ICT solutions around the world. It was ranked among the top three smartphone vendors (as of Q3-2013, according to IDC – the premier global provider of market intelligence).

On a global scale, Huawei’s products and ICT solutions enjoy tremendous popularity in more than 140 countries, enabling Huawei to serve 1/3 of global population, through more than 600 channels. In 2003, Huawei also established a specialized enterprise named “Huawei Device” – which has been structured as a young, progressive smart device manufacturer, with an ambition to enrich people’s lives through next-generation telecom and enterprise networks, offering revolutionary modes of communication like USB Dongles and mobile WIFI products, besides delivering the Cloud-computing experiences.

In the smartphone market, Huawei Device started out as an ODM, cooperating with top global operators to develop low-end 3G smartphones, accumulating valuable R&D experience. In 2011, “Huawei Device” was officially named Huawei Consumer BG, and started its transformation from a traditionally B2B company, to a B2C company, and from a non-branded ODM to a Huawei branded OEM. Today, more than 6,000 Huawei employees (50% of its workforce) are involved in Research & Development activities.
Since 2011, Huawei Consumer BG sold 87 million smartphones and more than 368 million devices to people worldwide. It is a leader in Mobile Broad Band (MBB) technology, with nearly 50% global market-share since five consecutive years. The company has successfully launched best-in-class devices including; water resistant devices, the world’s slimmest, fastest, most powerful smartphones, as well as the handset with the largest screen in the world.

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