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Huawei y6, the Latest Stylish and Classy Entrant in the Smart phone world

Huawei y6, the Latest Stylish and Classy Entrant in the Smart phone world

Mobile market of Pakistan has recently received Huawei’s super elegant and smart device Y6 which has been crafted to meet the trendy demands of the diversified Huawei customers. Huawei has utilized its state of the art technological expertise and delivered this ultra cool smart phone. This device is surely going to be a market success because of its up to date features, beautifully crafted design and high ranking quality.

Huawei Y6 possesses a super quality camera with amazing features, which would enable the users to capture lifelike pictures with the excellent screen of the smart phone, exhibiting high resolution bright and vibrant colors. With Android 5.1 OS, EMUI 3.1 supreme efficient management system, Quad-Core processor, customizable desktop, superb battery saving feature and battery power this phone is certainly a catch for those smart phone users who want a quality product with a stylish design.Y6-PR 9th Nove

Y6 has been equipped with BOX integrated sound chamber and bottom speaker which make the audio output perfect. There is a 150% loudspeaker volume increment and which makes sure that no call or notification is missed even when the device is lying on the table. The screen has been crafted with maximum, 80% screen to body ratio, which exhibits large, clear and bright images and the user can hardly differentiate the LCD from BM area when the display is closed because of the edgeless LCD technology.

Since the beginning of the current year, Huawei has been inducing the technology market with such smart devices and technologies which are taking the sales and the overall growth of the brand to another level. With the pace that this emerging Technology leading company has now attained, it can be verily said that Huawei will achieve sky rocketing sales and develop deep roots in the domains of pioneering technologies and innovations excellence, in the times to come.

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