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Huawei Will Bring Incredible Combination of OS In Upcoming Matebook

Huawei Will Bring Incredible Combination of OS In Upcoming Matebook

Recently, rumors are echoing in the technology markets that Huawei’s first PC , most probably, Huawei Matebook, is going to be incorporated with the best chipset of Dual-OS and will support Android in parallel with Windows 10. This really sounds great for a personal computer enabling dual operating systems, of course, providing unique experience to the consumers. Also the expected Matebook is reported to be incorporated with new version of Android, possibly Android Lollipop or may be the latest version then.

Another possible thing is the use of Huawei manufactured chipset in the Matebook, which is though contradictory to the previously reported rumors, where Huawei was collaborating with Intel Corporation for the chipset solution. Nevertheless, the common thing still is that Huawei will use Company manufactured chipset from the very first batch/ model of PC or later when it will have an established footings in the PC market. Because in the smart phone sector Huawei is already incorporating its own manufactured chipset, kirin 950, for example in recently launched in Pakistan; Mate 8. And Huawei is actually quite handy on producing its own chipsets for high technology products but the gradual move towards a strong PC sector is most likely a pursuit.

Technology critics also expecting to experience the similar trend of Huawei norms in the PC market as it has shown so far in the smart phone technology sector, already. Huawei will likely to target the larger segments of consumer pool for the PC market also. For the same trend of wide spectrum of products available to every segment of the consumer pool Huawei enables itself to establish strong foundations in the Smart Phone technology market. Now it will be giving tough competition to the high priced products in the PC market. This tactic will play a role to develop Huawei PC sector.

Big surprises not end here! Huawei Matebook is also told to be supportive towards the Stylus, subsequently; one can see how Huawei is heading towards the target to crush the market portions for “iPad” and even for the “Surface Pro”. And again, if Huawei Matebook is offered on a comparatively lower price in comparison to other brand products, Huawei Matebook will definitely be in limelight. Pakistani market expecting to be in a priority list for Matebook availability by the Technology Giant, but it is up to Huawei business analysts from where to begin with.

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