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Huawei Ranked Among Top 50 in the List of 100 Most Valuable Brands

Huawei Ranked Among Top 50 in the List of 100 Most Valuable Brands

The leading global technology brand, Huawei has once again listed among the top brands globally. Huawei has been producing the best products of high quality and superior technology. Moreover, consumer satisfaction and innovations also go parallel that further added value to Huawei products and to the manufacturers. Hence, Huawei has been recognized by the international markets, consumer pool and the technology analysts as a leading, most trusted and the most loved brand across the globe. Recently, Brand Finance, a UK base firm, has listed down and released “Global Top 100 most Valuable Brands” in the third week of the march. According to the said list, Huawei has been ranked on the 47th position among the most valuable global brands.

This is not the first time when Huawei has been ranked among the top brands in the world, but, it was selected for top positions in previous years as well. In 2014 and 2015 Huawei was listed among the top brands by Interbrand among the “Global Best Brands”. And again in 2015, Inter Brands selected Huawei for its “Global Top 100 Most Valuable Brands” list. Interesting to note, that Huawei has been improving its position consistently among the top rankings as well. Huawei has achieved this credibility and Brand position out of its innovative approach based on stronger research and development, Huawei’s policies to maximize the customer satisfaction and being the only technology brand that offers the superior technology products at comparatively best affordable prices.

While making out the list of “Global Top 100 most Valuable Brands”, Brand Finance considered three most important factors, i.e. Brand Strength Index (BSI), Brand Loyalty and Marketing Investments. The list, hence resulted, comprised of global enterprises with the highest capabilities in the said sectors. Huawei has some extraordinary attributes as well. Huawei has been emerging with a massive and considerably stronger impact on the international market scenario. Huawei has turned into a global brand while deeply incorporating both hard and soft power parallel. Huawei has almost achieved a status similar to national brands in more than 170 countries, where the technology giant offers both technology products and solutions. Looking in the retrospect, Huawei was the only global technology brand to witness massive growth rate of 44%,  in the year of 2015.

Moreover, during the last year, Huawei has marked a record shipment of 100 million smart phone units across the globe, that further consolidates its status of world’s third largest technology manufacturer.

No doubt, unlike other technology brands Huawei is the only global technology brand that has indicated positive growth for the current year in the market, whereas the competitors like Apple and Samsung have already admitted the tough market for their products. Huawei is the brand of the era. It has offered the best of technological products alongside maintaining highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. Huawei has earned a strong consumer trust across all the national and international markets that has raised Huawei in the consumer choice index as well. Similar growth trends and brand following will surely make Huawei as the global No. 1 technology manufacturer.



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