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Huawei P9 High Sales Leaves Competitors in Hot waters

Huawei P9 High Sales Leaves Competitors in Hot waters

Recently the greatest champ of technology world revealed that within literally a short period of time Huawei P9 recorded surprising such a high sales in Pakistani market that have never observed before. And yet a large number of Huawei brand followers have been approaching the outlets to purchase all new flagship smart phone P9. It might be a fabulously hot response for any company to get its best smart phone stock completely sold right after its launch. But for Huawei consumer satisfaction and consumer demand has always been a superior priority like a norm to be honored. Huawei is overwhelmed with such an incredible market results and determined to provide its loyal customers, with high technology and modern products.

Managing Director, Huawei in Pakistan, -Mr. Shawn in a press release said, “We overwhelmed due to Huawei P9 incredible high sales and customer response for the market. We deeply honor their trust and eagerness for our products. But we are equally feeling more determined to bring even larger variety and the ultra modern technologies for the consumers.”

Mr. Shawn further said, “The Huawei P9 plus will be available soon as well and till than our respected customers have to be patient.”

Huawei Technologies has accurately estimated the response of customers for P9 and subsequently prepared for P9 Plus that ultimately shifts in the momentum that leave Huawei products only the best choice for the customers. Huawei has victoriously marked its brand as a symbol of trust and best quality for the customers of Pakistan, particularly. Huawei must also need to broaden the estimations for the next smart phones it will launch in Pakistan as the consumer market is truly looking towards Huawei to fulfill its smart technology needs. This has already depicted on the London and Dubai launches of Huawei P9 where in a presentation Huawei high profile official had revealed that in Pakistan only Huawei witnessed a growth increase of 15%, making Pakistan 3rd top market in growth for 2015.

Clearly, it is also a message for the competitors that Huawei has already done beyond their reach in terms of brand loyalty, customers’ trust and high technology. And truly Huawei left all the competitors in hot water with its gigantic leaps of success this year as well.


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