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Huawei P9; A Flagship Smart Phone, will Spread Surprises When Revealed

Huawei P9; A Flagship Smart Phone, will Spread Surprises When Revealed

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The leading technology manufacturer, Huawei Technologies, has planned to reveal its next member of P series soon. Although the dates for the design revelation or the images have not been intimated by the company, yet there are rumors regarding the possible design, hardware and software combinations in the upcoming smart phone. Certainly, P9 (as they call it) will be another best selling product to be unveiled this year, as Huawei has already brilliantly invaded the markets, especially here in Pakistan, with some great high technology smart products. The most notable among these products is the Huawei Mate 8 phablet, the recently launched Huawei Honor 5X and the Y6 Pro (that will be launched in the current month).

P9 is rumored to be the superior quality smart phablet, most probably larger than 5.2” display screen and real time vibrant color holder. P9 is also said to have dual camera and a dual flash on the rear of this precedent of technological innovation. Moreover, it may also be fitted with the Huawei made kirin 950 chipset that was already available in Huawei Mate 8 as well. Huawei kirin 950 chipset has proven to be the best solution and the success is indeed appreciable.

To the extent of RAM, rumors are circling about that Huawei is moving forward in an unconventional way and will offer 6 GB large RAM to the smart technology lovers for a more rapid experience of technology. But then all these are rumors and the technological master, Huawei Technologies, has confirmed nothing so far. Customers in Pakistan are always anxious to know about Huawei products and when it comes to such an incredible smart phablet,the anxiousness takes the form of excitement. Nevertheless, the expectations are that Huawei will soon reveal some information or maybe an image of the new product. Till then Huawei brand lovers must enjoy the Mate 8 and Huawei Honor 5X. With Huawei its all about getting the best technological exposure that continues to the level of perfection.

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