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Huawei overtakes Samsung at social media standings

Huawei overtakes Samsung at social media standings

Recently, Huawei has overtaken Samsung at social media. It has crossed Samsung with a huge brand followers and social media interaction statistics, particularly on facebook. Huawei is a leading technology manufacturer and solutions provider in the world. In Pakistan, Huawei particularly enjoys a huge brand followers and mammoth market shares as compared to any other international or national brand. Only in Pakistani market, Huawei has witnessed remarkable growth rate of 15% during 2015, making Huawei the most successful and the most trusted brand in the market. Moreover, even from the beginning of a new year, 2016, Huawei has outstandingly grown in the market in terms of brand value, brand awareness, positive growth trends and smart phone record sales.

Huawei has already been recognized as “Socially Most Devoted” technology brand, a couple of months back. No doubt, Huawei has policies to keep its customers engage in the market with high quality smart phones of almost all ranges, and to interact at social media platforms to update, entertain and build a strong relation with customers and brand followers. Huawei is incredibly satisfying its customers in Pakistan, particularly, and growing with an accelerated pace that has not been witnessed by any other company this year. Huawei has enhanced its activities on social media platform and keeping its posts and response rate higher than Samsung, Huawei has proved that it has guts to compete and subsequently win in every aspect of marketing, public relations and trust building. Huawei has shifted the momentum, not only in the market, but also in every sphere of life and it has connected itself deeply with the consumer, productively.

Ever increasing market shares of Huawei Pakistan is clearly upsetting Samsung and now at social media Huawei in control as well. It seems that Samsung has been outdated in its approaches towards the market as well as on the social platforms. Even the newly launched signature smart phone S7 is facing difficulties to impress the customers. Whereas, Huawei Mate 8 is comparatively admitted as a better choice in the market.  The global technology master, Huawei, is anticipated to achieve a status of No.1 technology brand in Pakistan soon. Huawei has set the examples in smart technology world, corporate policies for consumer satisfaction, interaction with the brand follower of social media and even in the world of entertainment. Huawei is a technology brand of this era with the most modern and the strongest approach.

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