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Huawei Launches best Server With 32 Sockets

Huawei Launches best Server With 32 Sockets

Huawei recently launched the first ever 32-socket x86 mission critical mission server. The server is named after a Chinese mountain, KunLun. This is one of the best innovations of Huawei in technology world and the socket will enable huge traffic to align on the server with better speed and quality. Moreover, an SGI was also described in an official presentation at the launch event that can further be extended to 64-sockets.

Certainly, Huawei has strong guts in every field of technology and it has the best innovative products to offer. Huawei has been growing with an accelerated pace in the markets across the globe as it has prioritized the customer’s need and focused deeply on R&D. The competitors of Huawei on the other hand facing difficult market situations in 2016 just like they had faced in the last year. This clearly depicts two things; a) Huawei has given confidence to the customers across the globe for its quality products and high customer satisfaction,  b) Competitors have no innovative approach and technology anymore to share with the consumers. Hence Huawei is the smart choice and the global brand for the technology lovers.

Huawei has set ambitious goals at the start of 2016 that it has prepared well to achieve and heading with the best momentum ever seen by any technology manufacturer or solutions provider.

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