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Huawei Is Going To Bring Another P-Series Smart Device This Year

Huawei Is Going To Bring Another P-Series Smart Device This Year

Huawei is a leading global technology master that not only believes to entertain but also to serve its customers, across the world, with the best available technology. Although Huawei has already invaded the Pakistani market with consecutive, one after another smart phone launch in the last year, it has a lot to offer yet. Huawei has planned to launch an exciting new flagship product at the upcoming MWC 2016. Anticipated new flagship smart Phablet will be known as Huawei P9.

According to the recent rumors Huawei P9 will be an incorporation of such exciting and singular features that have not been witnessed before in the world of technology, particalulary in a smart phone. Among these incredible features, the most amazing one is the dual camera at the rear of Huawei P9. Certainly this is unexpected and a unique idea of having a dual camera on the rear side of a smart phone. Moreover, the dual rear camera comes with dual-LED flashes.

Taking another unconventional step, a ‘Home’ button and a fingerprint scanner has accompanied this phone, which has never seen before in any of the Huawei products. In Huawei P9  a button has been provided on the front screen side of the phone which serves as a fingerprint scanner. This is a totally new design and experiment by Huawei in this P series smart device.

In Huawei smart phone, the plug in the earphones is usually found on the top side, however, in Huawei P9 model, the Huawei brand lovers are going to witness a headset jack in the bottom of the phone in close position with the speakers. Nevertheless, Huawei P9 is anticipated to be a uni-bodied metal made, lustrous smart phone. And it is further said that may be the rear side of Huawei P9 would be furnished with glass, but still nothing has been confirmed by the leading technology manufacturer.

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