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Huawei Has Turned To Be A Style Symbol

Huawei Has Turned To Be A Style Symbol

Since the last few years, Huawei has been performing outstandingly in the national as well as international markets. The company has earned fame to be the true  national brand in many countries the way it has been endorsed and celebrated by the people. With a complete focus of high class and high technology products Huawei has been manufacturing the best smart phones, in terms of the best designs, highly desirable features, attractive camera features, and the best in operating system. This consistent approach by the technology giant makes Huawei an ultimate competitor for the so-called technology leader; Samsung and Apple.

In today’s market, especially in Pakistan, the larger shares are being captured by Huawei and both the Samsung and Apple are facing tough condition. Even the year on year growth statistics, making it difficult for them to sustain any title of the big technology manufacturer. A number of Huawei products like Huawei Mate S, Huawei Nexus 6P, Huawei Mate 8, Huawei Honor 5X and the recently launched Huawei P9 have swapped a gigantic victory over Samsung and Apple products, especially in term of sales.

Moreover, Huawei has not been a brand that is only celebrated by the consumer markets or the general customers alone, but celebrities are also there to shine out with Huawei. If one can name the Pakistani stars there is Atif Aslam, who loved the brand most and can be seen in Huawei promotional campaigns, for instance for Honor 5X. Similarly, Henry Cavill and Scarlett Johansson are the Hollywood’s big names who have recently got associated with the Huawei. From the grounds of passionate game, football, Lionel Messi is a true lover and now the brand Ambassador for Huawei.

These high acclaims are earned by Huawei due to its commitment to the innovative approach and the consistency of bringing something new each time in its new products. In a newly launched Huawei P9 an amazing Camera has been experienced by the customers. A dual Camera worked out in collaboration with the leading Icon of Professional Camera, Leica, is just a mantra of success for the smart phone. Similar innovative ideas and then there implementation with so perfection make Huawei the most desired brand in the market.

The values Huawei has followed also includes the highest priority to the customer satisfaction, devising new models basing them on strong R&D, valuing the customers and many more like this. Huawei is a people’s brand and this has made it the world’s most valuable brand as well. If one can examine the last year statistics, these facts can easily be seen in terms of hiked brand awareness, Brand Loyalty, Priority brand and the high sales, of course.  With the same pace Huawei will soon turn to be the world’s number 1 technology manufacturer, soon.


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