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Huawei Turns Out to Be Among the Top Most Socially Devoted Brands

Huawei Turns Out to Be Among the Top Most Socially Devoted Brands

It looks as number 8 is a good omen for Huawei this year. Firstly Huawei launched its all new and perfectly worked out Huawei Mate 8 that has been extremely successful in the market and now it is revealed in a report that Huawei stood amongst the top socially devoted brands, in Pakistan, at number eight. A socially devoted brand is a brand that responds to at least 65% of the posts or queries of the people on Facebook or twitter. Interestingly, the fact is that Huawei is the only technology manufacturer giant in the race of socially devoted brands in the top 8 brands. Among others were cellular service providers. However, Huawei’s response time noted is 89.46% on average.

Huawei has been always reiterated that customers and their needs are most valuable to the company. Moreover, the technology manufacturer claimed to address all the segments of the consumer pool with an approach of equal priority. For the very same reasons Huawei as a brand stands out amongst the world’s top brands and now at the social media ranking Huawei was able to beat the competitors with a great margin. Huawei has turned out to be a people’s brand that not only complements their needs, perfectly, but it also remains in close contact with customers to get a better understanding of their  inclinations and needs.

Huawei can be seen in every moment of life, be it the smart phones on one hand or a great entertainer on the other hand. Huawei has been producing, one after anthe other best quality smart phones like Huawei Mate 8, recently. Similarly, Huawei has been supporting the famous Pakistani bicyclist –Moin Khan, so he may capture the beauty of Pakistan’s unmatched natural scenery and elaborate the soft-end of this beautiful land. On social media platforms, Huawei has interacted with people and the campaigns like “My Huawei My Pakistan” is celebrated with the people of Pakistan. Furthermore, the Huawei Mate 8 launch and other activities were also shared by the leading technology manufacturer with the brand lovers.

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