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Huawei Confident to Beat Apple out of the Race Soon

Huawei Confident to Beat Apple out of the Race Soon

Huawei has performed great last year with respect to hiked smart phone shipment record, impressively enhanced brand awareness and effectively capturing markets across the globe. The journey of the technology giant continues with high goals and recently in a press conference Huawei’s top management has revealed that the company will beat the world’s top 2nd technology manufacturer, Apple, soon in the race of smart phone manufacturing. Currently Huawei enjoys the position of 3rd largest technology manufacturer in after Apple and Samsung.

Huawei has been progressively producing the best smart phones at comparatively best affordable price. Moreover, the approach of the company to design its products as per the requirements of the people becomes one of the pillars to establish strong foundations of success in the customer market for Huawei. According to the recent statement, Huawei’s top official said that Huawei will surpass Apple in a short span of time, i.e. 2 year. And that would not be the final destination for the technology giant, but Huawei plans to win the position of World’s top technology manufacturer, beating Samsung as well.

Huawei’s competitors are, on the contrary, anticipating tough year ahead due to strong competition and declining demand for the products in the markets. Nevertheless, the trends in Huawei’s growth clearly indicate that Huawei will, in fact, achieve the set goal to beat the competitors soon.


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