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Huawei Comes Up with exciting Low Prices for its best smart phone Devices

Huawei Comes Up with exciting Low Prices for its best smart phone Devices

Huawei is a technology giant that has successfully imprinted its name among the consumer markets, across the world, as the most loved smart phone brand. Recently in a market analysis of last year it is revealed that Huawei was the fastest growing technology brand in terms of brand awareness. Especially when we talk about local Pakistani market, Huawei has been the priority smart phones brand for the last year. In 2015 Huawei Mate S was a true market success and it was one of the reasons for Huawei’s robust growth as a quality brand in the consumer market. Huawei has a distinction of being consumer oriented company and that has been proved by Huawei consistently. Huawei has taken another step towards its consumers oriented approach with the announcement of price cut in the most demanded smart phones in the market, recently. This move has fiercely shook the competitors that actually not having any such price cutting concept or serving the loyal customers with best surprises.

Huawei has revised the prices for its high end, best quality and most loved innovations in the smart phones world. Among these smart phones are the most endorsed, by the consumers, Huawei Mate S. Mate S is now available to the customers with a huge reduction of Rs. 9,5000 only. Now Mate S lovers can purchase it on the exciting price of merely Rs. 58499  instead of Rs. 67,999. It is the best news, may be of the whole New Year. Huawei Mate S is the best celebrated, finely crafted and highly loved smart device ever endorsed to such a gigantic level in the market across the global, more or less, equally.

Besides Mate S there are 6 other smart phones with an exciting adjustment in the prices for consumer, it means Huawei offers its customers with a whole range with adjusted prices to choose among the best ones. Huawei Mate 7 is offered for only Rs. 49,999 instead of Rs. 57,000 with almost more than 12% price reduction (Rs. 7001 in rupees). Others are the Y series and among them Y5 and Y3 are available for Rs. 9,499 and Rs. 7,899 respectively. However the best among Y series i.e. Huawei Y6 ( Gray, White & Golden) is offered to customers with Rs. 13,999 instead of previous price of Rs. 14,899. At last, but indeed not least in any respect, Huawei G8 has readjusted price of Rs. 38,999 with the price cut of Rs. 2000.

Huawei has always comes up with such exciting surprises for its large consumer market in Pakistan. And clearly this is only brand in Pakistan that provides best quality with most affordable prices. Adding to this is the exciting price readjustment for the customers that is only available with Huawei brand as emphasized previously as well. These are the factors to make Huawei the most successful in the markets. No doubt with same tactics and customer satisfaction policies Huawei can truly achieve the top second position among the smart phone brands in the world up till 2018.

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