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How To Make The Most Out Of Golden Hour

How To Make The Most Out Of Golden Hour

Lahore- Every year, businesses prepare for the end of the year sales. Over the years, however, the mega sales have become more extravagant.

To please growing demand, companies have begun offering a wide range of deals and discounts during large sales, such as 11.11.

On the region’s biggest one-day sale, the online marketplace, Daraz, also offers a variety of engaging deals and options, so that users can obtain maximum value. One popular way through which Daraz ensures customers get exactly what they want is the Golden Hour.

Essentially, Golden Hour is a flash sale that boosts online shopping during Daraz’s biggest sale, 11.11 Sale. This year, the Golden Hour will go live on 11th November once again, from 12 am to 1 am.

During the entire hour, multiple products will be available only for Rs. 11. Thus, you can get expensive items and quality assortments at a price like no other.

Just make sure to decide on one valuable product and buy that during the hour. In case, a product is out of stock, please wait for the next product to unlock. But to avoid missing out on your desired items, there is one key step to take.

Make sure that your phone is charged and present in your hands right before the Golden Hour goes live. Immediately after the flash sale begins, add your favorite product in your cart and buy it for Rs. 11 only, availing a gigantic discount.

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