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How to Keep Your Ultrabook™ or Notebook in Top Condition


How to Keep Your Ultrabook™ or Notebook in Top Condition

IntelLike any new device, a computer will always start shiny and smooth. However, as it ages, the daily wear and tear will impair performance. We’re here to help you reduce the issues you experience and ensure you get the most out of your mobile device.


Begin with the basics. A laptop bag or cover will protect your laptop from most drops and knocks when you’re on the move. You can also add on a hard plastic cover to protect it during use but these tend to make your device considerably thicker. 

Optimize Your Hard Disk

Clear out your hard disk of unwanted programs, files and caches. You can use your computer’s disk cleanup function to search and clear space. Consider moving files you want to keep but access irregularly onto an external hard disk. These can cover media files and photos. Defrag your hard disk to let it work more quickly and efficiently. Defragmenting moves files around and organizes your data into big chunks creating more free space. 

Add More RAM

Adding RAM will allow your computer to perform faster and smoother. It is where your computer keeps data while you’re using it. By increasing your RAM, you may see a dramatic effect on the performance of your notebook.

Keep Your Computer Clean

Ensure your Windows Updater is enabled and scheduled for automatic updates. Updates often contain security patches, so this is essential for keeping your Windows PC secure. Beyond that, you can add on anti-malware programs to hunt and remove malware, which can significantly hurt your computer’s performance.

Conserve Battery Power

Leaving your notebook on throughout the day and night will drain your battery fast. Set your notebook to standby when you’re not using it. However, an Ultrabook™ is built with flash memory so it can start in seconds and lets you maximize the battery life. At the same time, don’t leave your computer charging, let it drain every once in a while.

If your notebook has outlasted its productive lifespan, consider replacing it or upgrading to an Ultrabook™, an ultra sleek and ultra responsive device, perfect for staying mobile. With the built-in security and performance of a 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors and an extended battery life, it’s the smart option for users looking for a device they can take everywhere.

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