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High-end smart phone market soon to be conquered by Huawei

High-end smart phone market soon to be conquered by Huawei

Huawei is aiming to capture the high-end smart phone market, which is currently being ruled by technology companies Apple and Samusng. But with the launch of Huawei’s latest high-end smart phone, Huawei Mate S, this Shenzen based company has shown to the world that is now in, to lead the high-end smart phone.

Mate S has been recently revealed at the Europe’s mega consumer electronic show, IFA, in Berlin. This extraordinary gadget has a striking 5.5 inch display, enhanced fingerprint scanner and finest Touch which is the prime feature that highlighted the IFA event in Berlin. Huawei’s Mate S is one of the first phones which possess the Force Touch display that gives an absolutely unique smart phone control experience, easily managed by varying pressure of fingers on the screen.

Huawei has become the apple of the eye by taking the lead in technology world by delivering top quality and unique modern products. This excelling company has recently secured the position of world’s third largest smart phone vendor, beating Microsoft. According to a research firm, GFK, Huawei has overtaken its Chinese competitor Lenovo and it is aiming to become the first ever Chinese technology company by selling 100 million smart phones in 2015.07

Huawei’s shares have risen to 7.8 % from 5.4 % in the first quarter this year. This figure, although, quite behind Apple and Samsung’s but still, shows that Huawei is progressing with fast pace and capturing the market with each day.

IHS’s analyst Ian Fogg has said, “Huawei aspires to be the next Samsung, successful with both premium design and by shipping large numbers of smartphone models.” Fogg expects that Huawei will ship about 109 million smart phones this year, he said,”2015’s Huawei smartphone launches show the company is finally coming close to meeting these market goals which Huawei set some years ago.”

Huawei has been investing heavily in the consumer devices section in the recent years. The ever increasing sale stats recorded till date show that Huawei has greatly managed to dig itself deep in the smart phone markets, low-end, mid range and now in the high-end market as well, with the successful launch of Mate S. Whereas for Samsung, despite the launch of Galaxy S6, margin’s in the smart phone division have decreased, in the second quarter, to 10.6% from 15.5%, recorded in the previous year.

The recent gem of Huawei, Mate S is now available in more than 30 countries,  including Pakistan, China, Germany, Israel, Japan, France, Germany and Spain etc.

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