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High Cost Performance and Best Experience with Huawei Y3

High Cost Performance and Best Experience with Huawei Y3

HuaweiThere is no ambiguity in the fact that smart phones have become an indispensable need of today and if a person forgets his phone at home, his whole day’s routine gets affected. Keeping in focus this situation, Huawei has manufactured such a Smartphone which does not only fit perfectly in the budget of people from all class plus it also provides all the unique features an expensive Smartphone possesses. Huawei Y3 is that Smartphone, which would suit to all, students, officials, workers and even those people who are enjoying their retirement days and want to stay connected with their family.

This smart phone has Android KitKat 4.4 OS, Quad-core processor, with 4GB ROM and 4 inch full touch screen with smooth geometric design, Matte finish and flawless curves that would just fit nicely in the hands when using. This gadget is Dual-SIM and 3G enabled, this allows its user to enjoy internet browsing, watching videos and playing games with very little buffering time.


Huawei Y3 has incorporated in it the latest EMUI 3.0 Lite, which is an efficient management system and provides extremely user friendly Interface and the user can also modify the themes as he desires. The Camera of this smartphone is another attraction, 5MP rear and 2MP front camera of Y3 allows capturing bright and colorful pictures even in dim light with the help of Dual Flashlight. The shutter speed of 1.2s of Y3’s camera makes sure that you don’t miss on any memorable moment.

The Battery of Y3 is its power house, with 1730 mAh strength and backed super power saving technology, Y3 would save battery up to 30% in comparison to its peer Smartphone’s and would work with its user through it the day without badgering for repetitive recharge.

It can be stated that Huawei has successfully delivered such a super quality and low budget smartphone that is capable of giving high cost performance and best experience to its users. Huawei Y3 would certainly become the most sold gadget as soon as it is launched because of its competency to cater to the needs of customers belonging to all fields and all age groups.

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