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“Hey Mate! Where are you?”

“Hey Mate! Where are you?”

Introduced to the world at the IFA, Berlin in this beginning of September, 2015, Huawei’s Mate S is leaving a trail of success marks, as the technology enthusiasts are digging in the exclusive and amazingly unique features of this elegant device. Huawei has packed its latest smart phone, Mate S, with loads of features which distinguish it from its peer smart phones in the market. Winning the favor of the critics with the Force Touch screen, Huawei’s Mate S has opened new dimensions for technological innovations.

Among many other fascinating features of Mate S, one is “Find me function”. This function is really helpful and fun, given the exhausting and loaded routines of people today. If you are running late in the morning and after many attempts, you fail to locate your smart phone, you need not worry because Huawei’s innovative technology has got your back.

You just need to call out “Hey Mate! Where are you?” and your Mate S, will set off flashlights, shake and vibrate and then play some music until you finally locate it, probably hidden in your closet or in bed sheets. And the coolest part is, while the music plays on it, you will also hear your smart phone tell you, “I’m here.” Now these are the perks, which we are having the opportunity to enjoy being a part of the ever flourishing tech generation.

Huawei has strongly established the trend of masterly delivering perfect smart devices to its customers. Whether you are looking into the category of low end, mid range or high-end smart phones, you will certainly find a Huawei smart phone, outshining the rest.

So, if you haven’t done it till now, then take our suggestion and go get your own Mate S booked for you, as soon as possible, and mount the roller coaster of fun filled with technology.

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