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"Hello Again" Wateen Telecom unveils new corporate identity

"Hello Again" Wateen Telecom unveils new corporate identity

Left to right Syed Jibran Ali, Chief Commercial Officer   in middle Mr. Naeem Zamindar, Chief Executive Office right corner  Mr. Sohaib Shaikh, Head of Marketing.


Wateen Telecom unveils new corporate identity

Wateen Telecom, Pakistan’s leading converged communication services provider is proud to announce its new corporate identity in line with the vision laid out by its new management team.

On the occasion, Mr. Naeem Zamindar, CEO Wateen Telecom, stated that “The new Wateen is focused on enabling its customers’ lives and business by being the most reliable, responsive and innovative broadband solutions provider. Our customers will feel the difference, now, and over the years to come, as we are committed to delivering continuous and never ending improvement to transform our customers’ lives and business. This is the vision we hope to share with the world: to enable a communicative and inter-connected way of life, that will lead the people of Pakistan to a brighter future.” The philosophy behind the new visual identity represents ‘freedom’, based on the unlimited possibilities offered by Wateen for its consumers to connect, share, exchange and communicate whatever they desire. The main concept for the design is to break free from all grids, rise above all constraints and simply explore the freedom provided through the internet.

With this renewed spirit and a new management team to lead the transformation, the company has undergone a complete overhaul. The turn-around is completely focused on building a dynamic and customer focused organization, investing in upgrading its network and re-engineering its systems and processes to deliver outstanding services.

Wateen aims to become Pakistan’s largest and most trusted name in converged communications, providing the most advanced triple-play services in telephony, Internet and Cable TV, as well as networking and data management. To this end, Wateen has already begun partnering with some of Pakistan’s leading institutions to expand its network and bring its vision of providing the internet to every household in Pakistan a little bit closer.

In the last year Wateen has significantly expanded its fibre-optic network, particularly in rural areas and underserved parts of the country, where people have the most to gain from access to this vital resource. Recently, Wateen won a multi-million dollar bid from the USF to lay fibre-optic cable in Balochistan. According to recent World Bank estimates, around 68 percent of Pakistan’s population resides in rural areas – around 122 million people. Yet currently only 2-3 percent of this rural population has access to broadband internet; Wateen believes that high-speed broadband can help connect these underserved areas to the internet and by extension to the world. Wireless high-speed broadband is in fact the ideal stepping stone for launching any development campaign in rural areas, as it is not only the perfect tool for generating employment and literacy, but it also brings investment opportunities, which translate into sustainable economic growth. The company is also expanding its network into Afghanistan, providing VSAT services to Roshan Telecom Afghanistan, amongst other innovative and ground breaking projects.


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