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Gree showcased Solar VRF Photovoltaic all Direct Driven Inverter Centrifugal in Lahore

Gree showcased Solar VRF Photovoltaic all Direct Driven Inverter Centrifugal in Lahore

DWP Group has introduced the new Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Photovoltaic all DC Inverter by Gree Electric for Commercial/Corporate clients for the first time in Pakistan.

After successful introduction ceremony was held at Marriot Hotel Karachi which was attended by the heads and representatives of the leading commercial and corporate giants on Monday, DWP group showcased their Gree VRF at Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore.

Mr. Farooq Naseem, CEO & Chair Person (DWP Group), while talking to media officials stated, ‘’Gree is a renowned global enterprise in terms of air conditioning, equally popular in Pakistan due to its up to the mark products. DWP Group ensures to provide high quality products nationwide’’

On this occasion Mr. Rizwan Butt, COO (DWP Group) said, ‘’ Gree is a brand which assures quality by using innovative technology in both residential and commercial air conditioning’’. He also added that trend of commercial air conditioner installation has been expended over the past few years and DWP Group always takes initiatives to introduce latest technologies for producing best products.

Regarded as the major breakthrough of Gree Photovoltaic air conditioner, Solar VRF and Centrifugal Photovoltaic all DC Inverter System is a unique technology having range of water-cooled / air-cooled centrifugal DC inverter types, which is compatible with a complete range of indoor and outdoor units.

After first launching the photovoltaic direct-driven inverter centrifugal chiller in 2013, Gree successively launched the Solar All D.C Inverter VRF system in 2014.

Adding to prolific range of Photovoltaic technology and continuing the unmatched success of centrifugal chillers and Solar VRF System, Gree is always enjoying a high popularity and reputation among its consumers as it is promotes clean energy and energy-saving air conditioners all over the globe.

Gree systems incorporate advanced power management removing the need to have DC units in the direct-driven solar VRF system, optimizing power generated from the solar panels and minimizing grid consumption.

DWP Group is a leading provider of products, service and solutions in the field of Consumer Electronics & Technology. Globally acclaimed, highly reliable products with cutting-edge technology from the world’s best engineered companies and experts uniquely position DWP to deliver comprehensive solutions to customers all over the globe.

Gree Electric Appliances Inc. is a major appliance manufacturer. It is the world’s largest residential air-conditioner manufacturer. The company offers two types of air conditioner: household air conditioners and commercial air conditioners. With largest share and present in 195 Countries worldwide with 90,000 Patents for air conditioning technology.

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