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Gree offers Free-of-cost filter replacements for its Air conditioners

Gree offers Free-of-cost filter replacements for its Air conditioners


Gree Air conditioners has now launched a special service campaign with FREE replacements of filters for Gree air-conditioning units. The customers getting their Gree air conditioners serviced can now replace their AC filters free-of-charge.  The Gree service team has launched this limited-time offer for only Gree AC, to facilitate its customers.

Life span of these “Health Filters” is one year for healthy environment. Gree units are installed with a combination of active carbon filters and multi functions filter which act differently as per their nature. Replacement of these filters is good before switching on heating mode.

Gree always aims to facilitate its customer with excellence. For service booking by Gree technical support team kindly call on 111-111-397.

Gree is a global enterprise of air conditioners that also ensure superior after sales support for its loyal customers.

It is mandatory to note that the free filter replacement offer is valid for a limited time with a service visit request by Gree authorized technical team only for Gree Units.

However these filters can also be obtained without service visit from Gree service centers on payment.

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